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  1. nick65

    GS1000 Airbox

    Thanks for info. Have to keep looking.
  2. Can anyone confirm is the front part of the airbox on a GS1000 are different between the CV and Slide carb models. Thanks
  3. Hi mate I’d have a look at csmnl as they show that type peacock for GSX1100 1981 https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gsx1100-1981-x-general-export-e01_model13758/partslist/FIG-52.html#.XKTBXBrTWhA
  4. You could fit one of these taps which should allow clearance for your carbs. Available on Eblag for £30.
  5. It’s beenbadly painted by someone previously, so I thought getting it vapour blasted would get all manky paint off prior to re painting, if I just left it after vapour blasting woul dthe finish not tarnish? Thanks
  6. Hi chaps. I’m getting my engine aqua blasted and then want to paint it silver. Does anyone know the paint code for engines, or which paint gives best/closest match. Thanks
  7. nick65

    GS1000 seat?

    It has got the remains of the plastic trim that attaches to bottom, does shafts have that trim?
  8. nick65

    GS1000 seat?

    Hi folks. I’ve found a seat base at back of my lock up, apologies for poor pictures but is it a base for chain drive 1000. Thanks
  9. nick65

    GS1000 Tank?

    Cheers guys, my stupidly I wasn’t looking at photos properly.
  10. nick65

    GS1000 Tank?

    Hi folks. I’ve got an early scalloped tank that came with my latest project, however it has no sender on the underneath did these tanks come like this or do I have an incorrect tank. Thanks in advance
  11. nick65


    Cheers. Is 750 slightly smaller?
  12. nick65


    Hi chaps. Is a GS750 seat the same size as a GS1000. Thanks
  13. Going to try the xylene and wintergreen trick to see if that works before I replace them.
  14. Hi all, does the rubbers from a 750 fit the 1000 air box, mine are rock hard and can't find any for a 1000 only a 750. Thanks
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