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  1. Got it now thanks and yes cable routing seemed to be the issue. seems like any slight bend on these stop it from sliding freely.
  2. Hi all fitted a busa front end to the bandit and I’m now finding the throttle won’t close. could this Be due to cable routing? I can’t see any obvious restrictions and it springs back when cables not attached to throttle tube. any help much appreciated. cheers
  3. Perfect thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for. ive never done a turbo bike before or ridden one so still not sure what to expect, I’m hoping for a nice surprise. does really run out of fuel that quickly?
  4. Wasn’t sure weather to start a new thread or not, but with regards to the fueling, do I need to remove the vacuum from the fuel tap? I have an Osias high pressure fuel pump with a fpr and in line filter, will the vaccuum from the carbs still be ok to use? thanks
  5. Got a td05 in the end as it was refurbished and not too expensive. Ill be keeping an eye out for an IHI one though as that sounds like the one to use. thanks for all the advice
  6. I’ve looked at the IHI’s And read the Spondon article online and saw he used the vf23, none around at the moment though. clive, was it a 16t you had before, I’ve seen a 19t but I’m not sure if would physically be to large. Cheers
  7. Hi all I’ve been been looking at previous threads and see the popular choice for the bandit 12 blow job is a TD04 or TD05. i gather the 04 is better suited to quick spooling and the 05 for higher up. im looking to get a fleabay one either refurbished or new copy, has anyone had strong results with any others. details are 1216 busa pistons, blow through arrangement and some good prep work, (HD APE stuff). Thanks
  8. I’m having an issue getting the gears and shift mechanisms to line up correctly. can anyone tell me the how to line it up for the neutral position? any help is much appreciated
  9. That makes a lot more sense that the main nut is discarded, I’m an electrical engineer by trade but an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to fabricating mechanical design and fab. i e already drawn the lock up plate and think 16 aluminium should be strong enough to make it out of.
  10. Is that adapter thread for the shaft? i saw a bandit one on a previous thread and it looked the same.
  11. I’ve seen a few different shaped ones, some look like they have 4 bolt sleeves extruding from the rear of it. the diaphragm one I gather also needs an adapter that has a thread on it, I can’t see what threads into though. im all up for attempting it, mostly due to the £450 for an off the shelf one, that’s pretty much a months funds right there
  12. Haha yes I’ve been N/A tuning them for years/ big bores, cams etc thought id finally give one a blow job. ive seen a few people swap to a GSXR before the lock up, I don’t see the point in that if your going lock up anyway. I do have access to a CNC workshop, so I may try to draw one up and have that made although I’m not sure I’d do the real ones justice.
  13. Think I may stick with the stock rods and big end bearings, there were only 20,000 miles on them. I’ve got the new mains and thrust washers, Is the lock up clutch a soul outlet necessary or is there a way to beef up the standard one. thought about trying to turn down the springs and use a nut and bolt arrangement through the retainer plate.
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