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  1. Hi there I was just wondering what people are doing with their jetting on there b12 mk2 carbs. Are you going down the dynojet route or stock needles with just larger jets and moving the needle up. Cheers
  2. Cheers that a big help. Do I ne a resistor tho if I am using a b12 ignition switch
  3. Hi there I am in the middle of wiring up a slingshot with a b12 engine and I was just wondering if people are wiring the throttle position sensor in on just not bothering. Cheers
  4. Danm54 is selling the adapter bracket for the conversion.
  5. Do they also fit a 750L with a b12 motor cheers.
  6. From what I can count from the picture the centre of the the gear where it go's on the clutch basket is 24 teeth I am unable to get in the garage this week to count it properly.
  7. Your right there. You don't now if there are any other bikes that have the same gear ie slingshot or slabby been looking on eblag for 1 but cant find any.
  8. So after all that work I seem to have overlooked the clutch assembly. Looks like someone didn't take the time and have all the gears lined up
  9. So after many hours of work and cups of tea trying to sort out other people's bad workmanship I'm starting to get there wit the b12 engine
  10. Help I am rebuilding a mk2 b12 engine and seem to have two of these pins with spring's I no 1 of them if for the neutral switch but I don't know where the other 1 go's .
  11. Cheers bud thats a great help I will get some. Thanks
  12. I was just wondering what people are using to seal up the main engine cases together with.
  13. Glenny86


    Cheers I will have to have a look.
  14. Glenny86


    Yea that does sound like a good idea but I kinda wanted to have a direct fit I don't mind drilling the holes bigger in the frame or rearsets. I would use oem ones but they a tricky to get hold of now.
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