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  1. I have both ECUs, and I have to do two different bikes.
  2. I have to send them an email to ignitech, tonight I'm going to start studying maxxecu software. Thanks Arttu
  3. Ok, ignitech is still like ms1 then. I understand now why I was so confused.
  4. Nice reading for tonight, Thanks Arttu. So for example in a 24-1 like an Hayabusa gen2, with the missing lobe at 100°, considering a tooth every 15° would you use tooth 30 to start advance cylinder one with 10° of base advance? Or would you choose the 29 with 25° of base advance? With base advance I mean the distance between the tooth of the cylinder you're considering and his TDC
  5. Hello I can't figure out how properly draw a 24-1 or -2 teeths, that I have to use with maxxecu and ignitech ECU. I've measured that the center of the spline on the crankshaft is offset by 102.5° before the 1-4 cylinders TDC. Now I have a couple of questions.. -Where do I have to locate the missing teeth? Just before teeth n.1? -Does usually the ecu consider the midpoint of the teeth crest while reading or the first edge that encounters? -How many degrees before 1/4 cylinder TDC shall I place the first tooth, considering the second question? Thank you all
  6. The long stroke one in the Gsf750 mk2. It has bigger valves than your B6 and fit straight.
  7. Left: Gsx 1100 F short angled down few degrees Center: Gsx 750 F MK1 dot short straight Right: Gsf1200 MK1 long straight
  8. Thanks, that's more than enough. Rebuild the subframe is not a problem, I've issues in the rear part of the cam cover because of the twin spar frame
  9. I tried to fit a gsf1250 engine to my 11F but I didn't consider the cases dimensions on the clutch side that is 7cm higher than the sacs engine. I'm thinking about the big gsx1400 one. Can somebody measure how large is the engine head?
  10. I tried with one and then 2. Doesn't feel nearly any difference.
  11. I have a motorbike workshop in Italy and they're my bikes. Doesn't have nothing to do with carbs and so on. Simply at some revs if you keep all the super extra heavy stuff of the stock one mounted or after 5500rpm if you eliminate 30kg as I did on one of the 3, the frame and everything attached to it start to vibrate violently like a diapason.
  12. I tried in different ways, that's my lower engine support for example. I think that the best I can do at this point is to balance the crankshaft No guys, it's not the engine. I have 3 11f. The frame vibes like a diapason.
  13. Ok you've convinced me. I tried to reduce 11f frame vibes with no success and I was searching other solutions. Clip on and weight at the end of the bar are 3kg each on 4 rubber mounts and it's just acceptable. Vibes just destroy everything on that bike.
  14. I need a G engine, or at least the cases. I've checked the gearbox bearing/needle roller measures comparing them with an 11F engine and they are the same until the last one that exit the case on the secondary shaft that is much bigger: 40x80x30.2 for the G and 25x62x19. Totally different on the drum side. It would be interesting to try to fit a F/R gearbox building a flange at the exit of the secondary shaft. I'm going to search for an engine soon
  15. Do you know somebody that has modified the G shaft engine into a final chain transmission? I'm interested in that engine because of the balancer shaft. Gsx1100Fs die because of vibrations, so It's just an idea.
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