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  1. I'm late to this news, hopefully you're well on the road to recovery but ouch all the same.
  2. O yes, with thin walled stainless tube in the lathe always one to look forward to Brilliant build.
  3. That was a few minutes well spent catching up with this build.
  4. Looks brill, not sure how but I`d not seen your build thread since March so that was a pleasant 20 minutes catching up.
  5. Not going to get to Cadwell this year, my piss poor planning has come good. Have a good one.
  6. Good find, looks like it might have been parked up when the front wheel got buckled.
  7. Good buy at that price, I`d started watching out for a 1100WP & lots are north of what you paid & nowhere near the condition. Keep & look for a M 750 or 1100
  8. Proper OSS when you start looking at frames & swinging arms as a source of material. Fab build.
  9. on the engine covers the rest of it is ok as well
  10. http://www.classicbiketrackdays.com/classic-suzuki/
  11. You are right, it is a Harris arm & The XR0 is the designation for Suzuki factory parts. Still quite special as Harris only made 16 of them.
  12. XR0 Harris arm. Yours looks like an Corona era bikes arm, this one has a cut out between the brace & the arm but I`ve seen a version like yours. Suzuki XR09 Factory Alstare Corona bike.
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