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  1. Love a satisfying conclusion to a story. Who needs books haha
  2. OK, yeah the dynas do take up a bit of space but with having a new loom built it should tidy some of that up anyway. Ill be keeping that diagram as I might put stick coils on my slingshot, which coils did you use?
  3. I'm having a new race loom built for my slabside 11, I'm running dyna coils but was wondering if stick coils are a better bet if there is known reliable coil that fits.
  4. That was what I was looking for cheers blubber, looks like I'm in the ballpark.
  5. I've managed to pick a really good used set of rs 36s, I phoned NRP and he's told me the internals are all pretty correct apart from the main jet, I was wandering if anyone had some good base settings before I start taking them on and off repeatedly.
  6. As title, wanting to know if the srad 600 forks will go in a slabby 750, are the dimensions similar etc??
  7. I waaaant iiiiit nooooooooow! Haha
  8. I be seen the bracing on yours it's pretty comprehensive, I messaged Quist on here and from his website email but no reply
  9. Yeah I've got an 1100 J but it's on the road and my only road bike at the moment so I'm reluctant to borrow the frame, the 11 frames are commanding more and more money that's the problem.
  10. Only that I'm putting a 1052 motor in and wanted a bit of extra rigidity to cope with any extra power, to be honest Dunc, I've always found the handling pretty spot on but wasn't sure if the motor ends up tuned etc the frame might struggle to cope with the extra grunt.
  11. Want some advice on what alloy to use for bracing up my 750 frame and what feedback anyone has on how different their bike feels with what bracing they've done?
  12. Fair point dezza, I imagine the leak engine is canted forward in the frame more as well
  13. I've been given my brothers knackered 99 zx6r, it's pretty fucked but it has a nice full akrapovic system on it, anyone know if it'll fit my 750 slabbie or has fitted one themselves, thought I'd ask the question before I go taking things apart?
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