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  1. Ah ok, I cleaned about 2 inches of crud off the inside of the sprocket cover, cable could probably do with replacing as well
  2. I've put the b6 cable set up on my 1127 but it's heavy as fuck, do I need to put the coil spring basket in from the later gsxr or is it this heavy Barnett diaphragm spring making it heavy, not done this cable conversion before
  3. Had a great day at llandow in the sunshine, bike was faultless apart from a spongy front brake but still plenty of bite. Castle Combe was a washout but first time I've tried wets and was amazed by how much grip there was, knee down in the puddles and all! First time back on the bike since my off at pembrey last year, might book Donny for the 28th August. Enjoy oulton.
  4. @dupersuncmet your mate with the young lad, lads pretty quick.
  5. On this lovely little slabbie today, @Markz9
  6. Doing llandow on Thursday and castle Combe on Friday only a motor swap and new fairing to fit!!!
  7. Good idea, I managed two sighting laps and a corner before crashing this year, haha
  8. Love a satisfying conclusion to a story. Who needs books haha
  9. OK, yeah the dynas do take up a bit of space but with having a new loom built it should tidy some of that up anyway. Ill be keeping that diagram as I might put stick coils on my slingshot, which coils did you use?
  10. I'm having a new race loom built for my slabside 11, I'm running dyna coils but was wondering if stick coils are a better bet if there is known reliable coil that fits.
  11. That was what I was looking for cheers blubber, looks like I'm in the ballpark.
  12. I've managed to pick a really good used set of rs 36s, I phoned NRP and he's told me the internals are all pretty correct apart from the main jet, I was wandering if anyone had some good base settings before I start taking them on and off repeatedly.
  13. Booked for Saturday I'll bring the sclabby
  14. As title, wanting to know if the srad 600 forks will go in a slabby 750, are the dimensions similar etc??
  15. Suzuki's, beer and good company what more could you need haha
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