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  1. Quist

    Air Shifter for Efe

    Latest Co2 / nitrous filled bottles will last for about 300 - 400 shifts. Only thing you need beside a regular air/co2 shifter is a killbox which kills the ignition (MPS for example).
  2. Quist

    Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    Think the 1100 shrinked, already 27 years old though haha
  3. Quist

    Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    Measured my 88 750 and 1100 91 frame two weeks ago. The same. only difference are the pieces near the headstock where the loom Goes through (tubes / triangle holes). 750 angle is more shallow which is the reason that the engine need Some more work to get in. Beside that, around the engine is the same size.
  4. Quist

    Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    1100 motor is no difference in a 750 chassis, 38mm are the same body as 36, 1100 M chassis is the same as 750 88. Shouldn't make a difference about fitting a heatshield.
  5. Quist

    GV73C frame with srewed shock mount?

    It is a 1100 chassis looking at the lower engine mounts. But when looking to the massive welds I think it is a selfmade thing (the brace with removeble top mount)
  6. Quist

    1127F engine running hot

    The sneezing can be a result of a cilinder running lean. Could be a dirty nozzle. You got a infrared temp meter? Then you can measure the temp of the exhaust pipes and read what the bike is doing, quite handy in these cases.
  7. Quist

    1127F engine running hot

    Hmm.. Just had a look, cilinder 2 -3 were running quite lean indeed. Don't think the cooler is the problem, I run the dragbike without cooler and sometimes take it for a spin around the village as you know no problems with temperature. Check oil pressure to be sure, put the needles of carburator 2 -3 one step higher/richer to be sure they don't run lean. But first change the sump indeed incl regulator as the engine get very hot and you can touch the cooler.
  8. Quist

    bandit arm in 1100m??

    Two spacers indeed. Got a NWS arm based on a Bandit arm in my 750 88 Slingshot, two bushed did the job. I use a 1100M linkage in this setup.
  9. Quist

    Gsxr1100 sump onto mk2 b12 motor

    Any sump will fit from any oilcooled engine. Make sure to match the pick-up and pipes. got a 600F on my 1127
  10. Quist

    K5 wheels in 750M?

    Bugger... Made some deal on the PVM wheels with my mate. But he sold them in the meantime... fucker. At least I do know that it will work, so looking again for some nice forged wheels again.
  11. Quist

    K5 wheels in 750M?

    Exactly. I measured that theres 15mm need to go gone to get the wheel exact in the center. I can remove 5mm on the inside of the sprocket carrier, then I need to remove 10mm from the sprocket offset. Was thinking that a 10mm offset sprocket would solve it but indeed, the frame is in the way.. Idee: 5mm off the carrier, 5mm offset on front sprocket and a reversed offset rear sprocket which will solve the last 5mm. Measured everything yesterday, nice to see the same solution! Thanks @MeanBean49 !
  12. Quist

    K5 wheels in 750M?

    Picked up the wheels at my mate today, it's gonna work out
  13. Quist

    K5 wheels in 750M?

    So it is possible without major changes? Planning to mount a set of Forged PVM 6 spoke wheels with Beringer discs... So before I buy... well you get it
  14. Quist

    K5 wheels in 750M?

    Ok, before I spend a small fortune on a set wheels and discs... So has anyone done it or know if it will work. A set Gsxr k5 wheels in a Gsxr 750 M. I know the front Axle is 25mm and the rear 27/28, that is an easy "problem" to solve. I'm mainly after if the sprocket carrier and disc spacing are quite correct or usable. I'm gonna use a stock fork and a braced W swingarm. The K5 rear wheel is 6" wide. It should be easier with a K5 fork but I want to stick at the stock fork.
  15. Quist

    To big bore or not ?

    My idea.. Also started last year with a stock 1127 engine, first learn to ride. And this year after some extra power