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  1. Aye it’s tappets, guess I’ll just need to try them in a head with the sprockets changed.
  2. Yeah I read that but it says theoretically? I’m guessing that with changing the sprockets and the lobes they could work?
  3. Hello, I have a Bandit 600 head I robbed the collets from just sitting. Can the camshafts fit a gsxr 1990 1100 head? I’m thinking I could get these re-ground for a motor build. Can anything else be used in there? Rockers arms? Shafts? Etc. cheers.
  4. Trying to find the brass bushing that’s between the 2 dust seals on the rear calliper hanger. It’ll be getting sent away for an adoring so would like to put new seals and bushing when it’s back. Anyone got ideas? cheers.
  5. How much would this run? Take it it’s to run a longer shock off a modern bike?
  6. Love this idea, anyone know specifics, twin or single outlet? Could you just T off from a single? Cheers,
  7. Any still available @jonny1bump? Got some bst38ss with the power jet circuit. Cheers.
  8. Cheers for the reply mate, I wonder if the 17mm would be the happy medium, biting point could always be fine tuned with push rod lenght? If I’m thinking right on that haha!
  9. Hello, seen some of this on the search but after some specific info on Brembo RCS clutch master cylinders to match my brake. I know smaller bore means lighter pull but less action to disengage the clutch. Would a 16 be enough or is the 19 better suited? Bike is a 91 1127 with diaphragm clutch and standard springs. If anyone has used these let me know, Cheers, Robbie.
  10. Thanks for the replies, a new cable and wee service of the worm gear helped but it was still too stiff for my liking, ditching the idea and going to run an RCS to match my brake will post a new topic to see what people have had success with. Cheers,
  11. Mines just standard Springs and diaphragm clutch. Something must be wrong, Do you have a measurement of the push rod you used? Ill strip everything down, hopefully the new cable will be in and try that, going to take my gun home tomorrow and strip the clutch too.
  12. @fatblokeonbandit Do you have a measurement?
  13. Thanks for the replies, I used the original 1100 push rod, when i use the B600 push rod it's so short and doesn't engage the clutch at all. I have a new B600 "slinky guide" cable coming, will try that with the worm gear all stripped, cleaned and fresh greased. I tried it routed the way @Captain Chaoshas it, no major kinks / corners. Not sure if i've been spoiled with the brembo m/c i used off a new multistrada, It's ridiculously light!
  14. Hello, I am attempting to swap the hydrolic clutch to cable using a bandit 600 sprocket cover, worm gear, clutch perch and lever. I’m sure I have the cable set and the worm gear but it feels extremely heavy. Pretty sure this isn’t the feel people get doing this swap! Any ideas? Cheers.
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