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  1. Swirl's Harris

    I don' know Yan but the r1 nose cone fixed to the yokes on my turbo b12 is alright so will have to wait & see with this one.
  2. Swirl's Harris

    Was not happy with the engine position. Centerd it between the frame rails & tilted it backwards. Made some new lower back engin mounts still need to tidy them up, lot happier with it now. My dog Blue been helping again lol.
  3. Sumps

    @davecarathink ther are only 3 different dumps but not 100% sure on this, the slabby one b12 & 1127 whch are fitted to a lot of different models. Have discovered a 4th one today.
  4. Sumps

    Flatter than a 1052 Dave ? 1127 has a lump in the middle b12 a lump to the left both front oiling but not flatter than the 1052.
  5. Swirl's Harris

    Rebuilt the back caliper, it don' look too bad for probably been 37 years old.
  6. Spondon GSX1170

    Frame looks good which company did you use?
  7. DOT head valve stem seals

    Yes I did.
  8. Swirl's Harris

    Bit of a mock up.
  9. Swirl's Harris

    Got the fairing bracket back from the welders, ( Will of Weab Motorcycles) it still needs some holes drilling it to fasten it to the faring. This makes the faring fully adjustable for height & angle of the dangle. Idea was that it could be lowered for drag racing or lifted high for touring if wanted. I like the look of it low & tilted back.
  10. Cut and shut steering stem, safe or not ?

    That's a very good point. No I would have thought not at all.
  11. Swirl's Harris

    Got the pads & they are the same as the old ones but new lol.
  12. Swirl's Harris

    Fitted the b12 engine that I am going to use to make sure the engine mounds are right as there is not a lot of room at the front. Plenum I have is not going to work in its present form. Also got the stickers from harris today, they said it was just what they had in the draw cost £5 For the postage.
  13. Swirl's Harris

    Have the rear Harris master cylinder as well. After soaking it in gt85 then filling it up with the stuff it appars to be in good working order.
  14. Swirl's Harris

    @Dezzathere was a small charge for postage of the stickers. They are having new frame sticers made up for the future. Pads I ordered are for a laverda lz 125 among many others.
  15. Water boiler rear wheel

    There is on my screen. Sprocket side is 24mm disc side is 7mm.