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  1. Swirl's Harris

    Cheers @GsxrsamBottom one is same as b12 etc its the top one thats a bit different, could not find one but you have
  2. Swirl's Harris

    There 26x52x16mm & 30x52x16mm top one is only 1mm different mate.
  3. Swirl's Harris

    Will let you know. Yes.
  4. Help identifying head

    If you took the head off you could measure the valves. 750 dot head has the same size valves as the 1100 ones long stroke 750 have smaller valves. Only other way is the carb rubbers as you say they dont match, but can be trimmed to sort out the steps. All the carb rubbers match the head they were designed for.
  5. Swirl's Harris

    Didn' have a stem for the Harris yokes no standard ones I have come across would have fitted. Rather than make a lot of work for Sam thought I would ring Harris Performance. Phoned them spoke to Mark & Nigel both very helpful they had them on the shelf. Got it today, stem for harris super bike adjustable yokes. Looks to me with this stem you could fit these to just about any big bike. Just need to sort some bearings out to fit them now.
  6. Swirl's Harris

    Thank you, it's going a little slower at the moment.
  7. slabby 110 rear rocker bearings

    Will see if I can measure them tomorrow. These ones I presume.
  8. What pipe are people using on their Slabbies ?

    I had a micron from a 1100 slabside on a b12 fit straight on.
  9. What pipe are people using on their Slabbies ?

    Yoshimura titanium 1100 slabside down pipes, yoshimura trioval gsxr 750k4 can with adapted link pipe. Harris exhaust hanger.
  10. Cam caps b1200/600

    The 1100 slabby 1052 head will fit a b12.
  11. Swirl's Harris

    @Gsxrsamhas made me some very nice adaptor plates for the Harris rear sets. Need to sort out the gear linkage with the oil tank been there as the linkage sticks out a little further. Also need to fit the Harris back master cylinder.
  12. Fork length (1100 slabside)

    Found it in the vaults.
  13. Cam cover

    @no classyes no problemo, the 1052 one is a lot lower.
  14. Fork length (1100 slabside)

    Could some one measure the standard fork length of there gsxr 1100 slabside for me please.
  15. Slabside shock linkage

    @Simbec1863thats what I thought but have never seen a 1100 one fitted so just wanted to check.