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  1. Slabby swinger pics

    This one is a 1100 that I am building.
  2. Slabby swinger pics

    R1 brace welded onto the bottom of the standard arm.
  3. Converting clutch?

    Sam has done the buttons for me before.
  4. Adding some torgue and bhp

    I had a b12 motor that made 124hp on John Waringtons dyno. My mate had a gsxr 1100k the b12 was quicker than the gsxr to 70mph then the gsxr just left the b12 for dead.
  5. Maine jets

    Tdo4l turbo 8psi, 1216cc is what it is. On the standard 102.5 at the moment, shone a torch down to see out let wheel looks like a nice ish light brown.
  6. Maine jets

    What size Maine jets are peole running in mk1 b12 carbs on there turbo bike's ?
  7. Harris magnum 2 but modern

    Looking good Ash is that a old Harris exhaust ?
  8. 1052 noises

    A picture would be good.
  9. 1052 noises

    Are the ignition pick ups the same on bother motors if not swap them over.
  10. Bandit 12 head skim

    Sam I am thinking it should be safe to skim the thickness of the base gasket of the head. Do a dry build is all ways best though.
  11. Bandit 12 head skim

    I did read some where about some America lads just dumping the base gasket to raise the comp.
  12. Slabby lock stops

    Lot of GP bikes use them.
  13. Slabby lock stops

  14. Slabby lock stops

    Acetal lock stops made by Hudson performance engineering.
  15. Harris rear spring

    Bike looks great, is that a b12 adapted swinging arm ? More pics please. Don't know the standard spring rate but this is the EMC shock that came with my mag 2.