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82 Katana 1100 - no keys

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The project Katana I’m pulling to bits hasn’t got any keys at the moment, they’re in the process of being ‘found’. That’s not a problem as I have removed the seat and fuel tank from underneath. What I’d like to do if possible is see if I can get it to run in the absence of the keys.

unplugging the loom off the rear of the ignition switch there is a 4 terminal plug with 5 wires. Red. Orange. Brown. A doubled green

Red is power, and if it is connected to the orange then I get life on the dash. What are the others and can I use them to power the starter button? 

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No need to pull any wiring, or remove seat or tank. The 1100 (and 750) Katana are so stupidly easy to "hotwire" because of the exposed fuse box I'm a bit hesitant to mention it openly on here..  :/

With connecting the red to the orange the starter button will have power. Unless you flipped the kill switch that is.

First get yourself a wiring schematic though.. Pulling any wires before actually knowing what you're doing is a no no.

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Most older Suzukis for the UK market have a 4 wire ignition switch, that when on creates two independent circuits by linking orange-red and brown-grey. Hotwiring via access to the 4 wire connector for the ignition switch therefore isn't exactly rocket surgey:) As Arnout states, look at the correct wiring diagram for your bike and it will be clear how you can start the bike without using the ignition switch.

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bought a bike with no keys ..took the ignition barrell off and locksmith at shopping center said ...oh its a Gurls blouse is it ,,,with no markings on it at all     !!!  ...1 day later and A$70 for two keys 

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