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Pro boost turbo kit on Inazuma


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Merry Xmas friends 

Sitting in a garage in Thailand and trying to get a Proboost turbo kit working on a Inazuma 1200 (same set up as blandit 12).

Looking for information on how much fuel pressure should be coming thru the malpassi regulater. 

Currently 0.2 bars fuel pressure at idle. 

Bike kills pistons between 6000 and 7000 rpm (see pics). 

Boost gauge indicates between minus 0.5 bar at idle and 0 bar boost at pistons killing rpm.

Scratching heads. 

Any info and ideas appreciated. 

Cheers and sawasdee krup.



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Boost gauge is a decent glycerin filled one. 

Yeah, boost is obvious, was just tricky to watch gauge, and rev counter on public Thai roads. 


Can altering BOV setting reduce max boost or does it just influence turbo spool up time? 

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We also killed many b12 pistons, mk2 but rubbish all same. Mk1 hayabusa, will sort the issues! Make sure your fuel return hose is big enough as well. We ended up with an-8 and malpassi spring cut down, Just my previous on last b12 turbo. 

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