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  1. 2 hours ago, bluedog59 said:

    That's the great thing about them, you can make them handle/stop/go better and still chuck your Mrs and a tent on the back for a tour round Europe (Brexit, ferry strikes, plague permitting).

    One of my mates still races one that he rides to the pub on with his missus on a daytime mot,he just leans it up against the wall or available fence :D


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  2. I used an R6 one on my 600 blandit race bike not sure on hole spacing for your fitment.

    it was a larger bore and had on off function was a cheap upgrade for racing 

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  3. Sold an 80’s old skool air rifle to a mate of mine for a decent price so spent the money on some stoppers before the boss finds out I’ve got some cash :D.

    Saved more than £75 quid with my ACU discount :tu


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  4. A few bits arrived through the post, donor swing-arm that I’ll use the brace off and the billet adjusters, r1 spindle,blue spot and hanger so it should all work ok with a GSXR 600 wheel.

    Gives me better tyre options for next season as I’ve changed my mind about running the old slabby flexi 18” wheels :)



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  5. My 600 blandit race bike was N712 engine code plus it’s also got keihin CVKs on it by the looks of it 

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  6. If you read the thread my posts are about the sad loss of Gav from GIA only.I have no experience or opinion either +ve or -ve on Martek, other folk seem to have personal knowledge and experience as you do.

    I personally love projects and look forward to seeing your Schwantz rep in the projects section perhaps OSS isn’t for you,I hope not but it can be sarcastic and tough at times, but well worth sticking around…off to bed now as it’s late in Denmark :tu

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  7. Good thing about opinions we all have one…normally based on folks own experiences, it’s a good forum is this not an arsebook page.

    Did you RTFR……or just join to wind folk up with your witty banter

    There are some smart and creative people on here (y) I don’t include myself in that description.

    Welcome to OSS by the way :D from Gonzo :), more interested in what project you have than whether we do or don’t like how someone runs their business, we should all agree to disagree we like pics by the way :tu

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  8. They probably are at least I can confirm my old 600 blandit race bike was the same nut as on my old 1052 and my 1127 as I nicked it last season.They were about a tenner from Suzuki

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  9. ACU standard is lever guards brake side only to prevent brake being applied due to collision with other rider normally designed to snap during this process but stop brake locking on

    Folding or pre cut levers  allow bike to crash without doing much harm ie bike digging in, always carry spare levers and an easy fix, ask me how I know :D
    I think brake lever guards can be seen in earlier photos on this page

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  10. 40 minutes ago, clivegto said:

    Hope your health issue is not too serious mate, hope to catch up with you at Donington. Tell me more about your frame bracing plans ? Picture is the Turbo Scratchers NWS frame.

    Nothing too bad mate just my malfunctioning ticker still not sorted :D had a couple of procedures but not fixed yet and 1 more to go but the waiting list is 10 bloody months and I can’t do anything stressful like racing until they’ve sorted it.I’ll be at Donington for a catch up :tu

    I’ll be having similar bracing to your NWS one plus a little bit on the upper frame plus swingarm mods to, something like this 




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  11. Carbs cleaned and soda blasted, bores enlarged plus rubbers blended to match intakes. Now need to get a few new parts for the carbs,doesn’t seem to be a full rebuild kit available but Keyster does a Tornado kit direct from Japan only.I’ll look to see if it’s a better option than my 10% ACU discount from Suzuki.





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  12. A wee health issue has stopped my racing plans this year,on a waiting list to get fixed so lost my mojo with the race bike but thought I should get my finger out and do a  bit in prep for next season.Having the frame strengthened and the swinging arm modified so needed to get it dismantled.Only took 2 hours from start to finish took longer to tidy up afterwards,bloody knackered now :D

    Pictures of the slabby in kit form :)







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