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  1. Little deeper tone, that's all .
  2. Bought this off Deutschee-blag ages ago, looked like a Mach7 bit rainy so see if it fits? Result looks much better than the cobra I think . .
  3. Very interested in this job as I'm getting a cracking sound on starting, more often than not, Which I think is the bike telling me the starter clutch is about to go . Will need to change it . So as much info as you can, as working on engines has always lead to disaster .
  4. I fitted a 6 Sigma jet kit to my 1200 its fine, sent info on pipe and air filter style, sent through pilots and mains and washers to lift the needles so far all good.
  5. As 1460 says swap plugs and HT leads if the problem moves change offending item . Happened to me twice last month, First time took ages to diagnose going mental changin carbs etc had spark but couldn't have been strong enough it was the plug . Second time fixed in 5 minutes . Good Luck!
  6. Thanks . Still got some wee things to change . It's a complete one-piece Mizuno motors xess hand bent exhaust from webike .
  7. Had to swap the seat out for MoT All went well (exhaust got a glaring look) but a pass is a pass .
  8. Been a while but Just got big things out the way on the bike upgrade, will need some fine tuning but lovely weather just couldn't resist a wee run out .
  9. Thanks for the comments, your Not a fan of the Ice Cream Van, I quite like it, should keep wind blast down abit the forks aren't getting fitted too much work, just want it finished . Should have it together soon then just make it look pretty .
  10. Awaiting front fork parts on Monday, then, some bits and pieces to fit, should be finished for next weekend fingers crossed .
  11. It's a complete front end off a Trumpet Trick Shop R
  12. Mmmm......! And that would be?
  13. Cleaned out shed and gave these a test fit, not really liking them, and will need a fair bit of work to get right, but it keeps me busy .
  14. The biggest concern is the lack of front brake .
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