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  1. i agree with the spacer is the brake side also what i have found is i had a spare rear sprocket carrier that i serviced with new bearings and such when i fitted it i found the sprocket bolts touched the swingarm when i compared the bolts side by side they were roughly 3 - 5 mm difference in lengths
  2. Grease my self u and prepare for penetration captain
  3. I havent greased up the lever were it touches the piston ill do that and see what its like and take it from there
  4. Serviced the master cylinder and its still a bit like a light switch
  5. Not for show as i use the bike as my commuter in and around bristol so want it to be a upgrade
  6. Want to upgrade the front master cylinder on mine but dont want spend huge money whats going to work with the nissin 4 pots
  7. 90 and 91 l/m only have a opener as i have both bikes different float bowls but same cable setup
  8. on mine number 5 was broken they are just plastic retaining clips
  9. my 750l has 72'000 miles on it i use daily as my commuter change the oil probably every 4 months
  10. That definitely looks like the 750 system as all 4 pipes go to the right into the collector. As far as I'm aware the 1100 go 2 to the right of the sump and 2 to the left and then meet the collector behind the sump I'll add some pictures of mine camera not good on my phone though
  11. yeah the baffle is in the link pipe were the end can slips on
  12. sounds like you have a micron system on yours has the link pipe got a baffle/reducer welded in ive got a stainless micron system on mine and it touches the belly pan so i run it without ill post some pictures of mine later today
  13. Jhs racing just outside Bristol may be able to shed some light on the shock there pretty knowledgeable on ohlins stuff
  14. Has anyone fitted a set of k1 downpipes on a 750m I know I'm going to have to do a bit of heating and bending
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