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  1. Did you clean out the small holes by butterfly's? I spray brake cleaner through carbs to make sure all ways are clear.might be worth trying putting your hand over carb intake while running to see if its shifts any blockage.compression test will eliminate valves also try swapping 2&3 plug leads and see if problems shift to cylinder 2 will eliminate plug/lead problem
  2. My srad front end went straight in on my 750e just had to weld in a lock stop.theres a pic on my project build page
  3. Maybe try running a external breather bottle/ catch tank to see how much oil is breathing from engine
  4. PTFE tape will add to thread diameter and crack unions.prob better off fitting a new union.cup and cone face fit and nipped up gentley.ptfe tape is now an mot failure/illegal on hgv air brake systems because it leads to cracking alloy.im sure thread size is bsp.
  5. I thought they were the same as well?? I know the 1100 has a longer rear arm than 750 maybe 750 forks were shorter?? Odd that! I'm sure someone on this knowledgeable site will be along soon.
  6. I have a chopped rear subframe bandit frame if it helps you???
  7. id use light grade loctite,then if you have to remove barrels or head in future the studs wont screw out,if you use high grade they can stick in pretty good then if you want to remove them any time theyll, be solid,good move on cleaning threads as ape studs can bind up if not cleaned !!!!
  8. Nice bike that! I replace push rods with stainless rod cut to length.bit of grease on both ends.I've had cheap cables be tight in past esp when there curved around head stock.have you checked the actuator cam in cover for binding at all the balls can dislodge when the cam gets worn.cheers.
  9. Wasn't there a test that found standard studs to be stronger??!
  10. Yes I gave up on mine and used a bandit 600 wheel 160 tyre with gs500 carrier
  11. Check wire from igniter unit to coil.also check you have 12volt feed to both coils
  12. Wow that's a lot of turns out! I guess times have changed from the old ways lol.knew someone here would have correct info.
  13. Daveyboy

    wheel swap

    Im just in process of putting a bandit 6 wheel with 160 tyre in my gsx750.i put original bearings into b6 wheel and useing original caliper hanger.gs500e sprocket carrier.had to lathe down carrier spacer to get carrier into wheel were i need it.chain looks in line just gota make some spacers now to fill gaps.still early days mind.
  14. Obviously sync balance carbs aswell
  15. Id go for 1.5 turns and see how bike reacts from 1/4 to 1/2 throttle I've always used 1.5 as a starting point on standard jetting.
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