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  1. Have a look on that auction site
  2. Jimbob43 Any pics with plastics removed?
  3. Jimbob43 that makes me think about using my ducati subframe etc
  4. So he's losing £4500 per kit
  5. Worth a read https://www.superbike.co.uk/article/norton-was-it-a-fraud-from-the-start
  6. They come blocked from factory, have a look here https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/531
  7. I believe that basically the outside of the engines are the same the 11 & 12 is about 20mm taller. So apart from the rear engine mount having a larger bolt you use the 750 brackets
  8. Blue


    Had enough time last night to notch the frame
  9. Blue


    I have one & a dremmel
  10. Blue


    I've been busy with the front engine mounts, now I'm happy with them I dropped the engine out in order to cut the right upper mount off. Once off I intended to move it forward and reuse it but the hole line is too close to the frame so a chat with Yantosh (cheers ) has steered me in the right direction tonight I made up part of the new mount, now I just gotta work out the best way to notch the frame
  11. Blue


    Took measurement with wheel off the ground then back on the ground the difference was 14mm. Then sat on the bike & took another measurement & the difference was 16mm
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