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  1. Gpz1100_Convert

    Oil Pressure Drop With New Oil Cooler

    yep. no point going nuts on size and blocking air flow to the barrels which is likely more important in reality.
  2. Gpz1100_Convert

    1200 turbo engine

    smaller rear usually means more grunt from the turbo oddly due to the increased load. I stayed stock.
  3. Gpz1100_Convert

    Yellow Katana rebirth

    holy crap that is a blast from the past. Great buy!
  4. Gpz1100_Convert

    A trip down memory lane

    Awesome bike. I am sure Ash did have one with pink decals at some point. Give yourself a shock and type WP Roma into eblag. There is a set on there... comedy money! PS. ensure you are sitting down when you do it. Mark
  5. Gpz1100_Convert

    EFE in the cave

    for handling on the efe simplest way to make a stab is to ensure the lower frame rail is level. The bandit fronts are usual long enough so best solution may be to lower the rear. Mark
  6. Gpz1100_Convert

    Does Anyone Recognise This GSX1100?

    yep. I know it. Jon henley had it and it is still with him. I forget is old oss name mind. Ended up with a flouro orange paint with a rhino on the tank . Pretty sure that is it anyways. old Oss name may have been radien or something like that. mark
  7. Gpz1100_Convert


    Bit of an oddball but it shopuld fit with a frame. Takes two cibies like most old skool stuff. One thing.. I doubt you will see another! Mark
  8. Gpz1100_Convert


    I have the perfect fairing for that in my shed too....
  9. Gpz1100_Convert

    On the way home.

    pretty cool that
  10. Gpz1100_Convert

    P&P Exhaust for GSX 1100 EF

    yep. My mistake Graham..
  11. Gpz1100_Convert

    P&P Exhaust for GSX 1100 EF

    other option given the cost of exhausts is to go to race craft (I think that is the name) and have a custom one made. When risk had his made I do not think it was much more than an aftermarket and was stainless to boot! Mark
  12. Gpz1100_Convert

    P&P Exhaust for GSX 1100 EF

    v&h do a street system that was based on the original drag use pipe. they are road legal and look good as well. They also sound lovely with a deep tone. I had one years ago on a (non suzuki) and it performed well. Mark
  13. Gpz1100_Convert

    Gsxr11 Bodywork advice

    did you buy that of john vassallo down in ashford by any chance. Mark
  14. Gpz1100_Convert

    Question(s) time about Slabby!

    next time I am in tonbridge I'll drop them in.... or find an excuse to be in tonbridge Mark
  15. Gpz1100_Convert

    Question(s) time about Slabby!

    I do have a set of RWU zx9r forks here and a set of zzr1100 ones. both are lighter than USD and shorter. ZZR are free if you want them although you pay post bud. Cheap is the key!