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  1. et work a treat just make sure you have the matching cover it it won't fit
  2. given the speed of the rattle.. it does sound like the cam chain to me as well. Hard to tell but carb rattle is different on the rs carbs and it doesn't sound like an air leak to me. Mark
  3. renault 5 turbo version one was a draw through I believe. Not many about as fire was an issue.......... all comments about keeping fuel vapiourised due to air speed in venturi are spot on. Its solvable mind Mr Rix would be a good person to speak with I suspect as Clive sez. Dave dunlop has experience too mind. Its about what you want it for eh
  4. its a thing of beauty that. Silk boxing glove with a knockout punch. spot on
  5. I totally thought you meant the join for the top and bottom Thought it odd given you know more about all this than me!!!! Mark
  6. I thought you measured from the top of the float myself. all the manuals say that. i usually make a float height tool using the lid of a chinese takeaway lid/ 14mm seems right mind. Bear in mind seeing as you'll have installed a fuel pressure regular and a return plus the pump you will need likely to set the float heights a mm higher than normal so they technically close earlier.
  7. and if you want frame work in kent. Lee at Steeheart engineering is you man. Last we spoke he is taking on work as well. Mark
  8. RCD do most of racefits engineering work. On the same estate I believe. After all racefit are an exhaust company eh
  9. racefit built. seen it in the flesh and its spot on. every piece of machining is perfect. RCD did most of that work as I understand it. Loadsamoney though...lol
  10. I'll see if I can find his number. he is a little 'off the grid' kinda guy so we shall see! Mark
  11. I seriously doubt it. hippy is more if a 'give me a hammer and a bastard file' kinda chap. I do believe he removed the system actually as he was building something new. May well be for sale Mark
  12. a mate of mine did this using a merc supercharger.
  13. any idea on the link pipe size on this. looks large enough to fit into an old lazer pipe.
  14. Bandit 400 limited edition. A couple of jap companies are remaking them now. One is called american dream at a frankly insane cost and I did find a 'classic knockoff company' making them somewhere as well but lost the details. They are a git to find. That much I do know! Also thanks, I must admit I love the paint. It is bonkers Mark
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