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  1. Please tell me, if i have code "A" on crankcase, which indicates size 35,000-35,008. so when i will be choosing bearing size, which number should I take into account? 35,000 or 35,008 or average between them?
  2. Thanks!!! Of course! This conrods (all 4) are already were there, before i started overhauling. I have drove about 2000 km on this conrods/crankshaft. This is a puzzle that the previous owner left me)) So, will do my best!
  3. Glad to have at least this
  4. And more some codes. This 27A is evrywhere on engine)
  5. I'm trying to figure out if these conrods can be kept. Because, just looking at the picture, they look like from 90. And if the crankshaft for 86 and 90 is the same, then it means that i can install these?
  6. Yes, i measured 18/34. 90s 750 engines are long or short stroke? Could it be, that this conrods from 90/750?
  7. https://www.megazip.ru/zapchasti-dlya-motocyklov/suzuki/gsx-r750-2301/gsx-r750-13989/gsx-r750l-j-k-l-l-768012/kolenchatyy-val-porsheni-13342943 They look like this (90 750)
  8. Good evening all! Have some situation, while overhauling engine... Need to check oil clearance on piston rods bearings. Noticed, that rods should be with nuts, bu i have rods with bolts. Do somebody know, is that rods with bolts from 90' gsxr? Or they could meet on early models? And main question, whats the assembly tightening torque? And initial and final tightening torque for checking oil clearance? Also have some scratches on crankshaft. Must have grinded some bolt or nut on previous engine... is that ok or better make it balancing? Thank you in advance
  9. yes, but I couldn't get the wrench in any way due to bolt 9...
  10. As I thought, this plug just stuck over time. Angle cutting machine helped. So, big work ahead.
  11. Good evening all! First time overhauling engine on my 86 750. And of course a lot of questions arise during disassembley... manual says that before removing the crankshaft tightening bolts, need to remove oil gallery bolt. In my situation I have stripped hex in this bolt and have no instruments to remove it right now. So, the question is, is it correct to remove oil plug after separating crankcase? Go easy on me first time go so far into engine
  12. Have some pics of vm29ss .
  13. Yes, exactly! As i said, get nail, cut it straight, and push (as i showed on the picture) slowly not to break float bowl!. Still all right, no leaks!
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