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  1. My 650 is one of my favourite bikes ever, not powerful but always makes me smile. 790 kit is on the list.
  2. We appreciate your selfless act, and OSS wives all over the globe will no doubt have a moments silence to honour the passing of the kitchen scales, which are now obviously now your new workshop scales.
  3. I run a bike school and use Bandit 6's, we tried bungs but now use bars. Not had a cracked case since.
  4. Bloody gorgeous. Love the finish on the frame.
  5. The pod filters would normally let the engine breathe much better, so dyno time is going to be your best investment. Out of interest, What exhaust does it have, Extra air/fuel going in has to get out again.
  6. I have got a 650, and that also needs thrashing. The thumpers can be a lot of fun.
  7. I don't have a spacer on hand to measure, sorry. And yes, the ends of the cases being symmetrical surprised me too, but makes sense when you look at an engine when fitted, the cylinder block sits central and the gasket surfaces are the same both sides, makes sense really.
  8. This might be useful for anyone putting an oil cooled motor into another frame, wondering if the mounts will be easy or not. Obviously physical engine size will be another can of worms. All dimensions in mm, and seem to tally up to within 1mm when adding up the various combinations. All measurements were taken using a granite surface plate and various square and calipers, so they are as accurate as I can get. Measurements are taken from either the gasket surface from the starter clutch or the timing/pickup plates. so the centreline of the engine is in the centre (the covers are
  9. 'Ello, I have got a spare EFE frame that I want to fit a slingshot rear arm to, but for the bleedin' life of me, it just don't look right. I have got the arm in fine, but it's the suspension linkage thats wierd. If I get the cushion linkage thingy in the right place so that the shock avoids binding on the arm, it's colliding with the bottom frame tube. Has anyone got pictures of the bracketry for the bottom linkage, I must be doing something stoopid. I am trying to duplicate the GSXR geometry in an EFE frame, but the tubes just don't seem to allow it.
  10. Gsxr1100 yokes and forks will go straight in. The lock stops are different. The 750 will also go in but the forks are shorter.
  11. Bike looked great and sounded even better, well done mate. (I did give you a quick wave as we passed each other on the return road, but we were both a bit "busy" at the time)
  12. Rounding off a sharp edge here and there is not a bad idea to help avoid hot spots. It will also have a tiny effect on CR and weight.
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