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  1. Anybody any input as to what’s the best carbs for a turbo build ? I’ve got bst 38’s, 34mm tin tops or 1200 bandit carbs available. what’s your thoughts ? TIA
  2. Count me in folks looking forward to it
  3. Superb, thanks for the info mate appreciated
  4. Looking for one for my efe, part number 37720-24A01 does anybody know for sure what other sensor are a direct fit as there’s a few out there that look similar but with different part numbers I’ve tried vintage parts, Robinson foundry and a few other suppliers but they are all out of stock
  5. This is the plenum I’ve made so far, still a bit fettling to do for the inlet pipework but it’s there or thereabouts I’ve had to come in through the right hand side due to the throttle bodies on the left leaving next to no room
  6. Holy project revival, been next to no progress on this build for the last 4 years I’ve still not acquired the tig welding skills or had the chance to sit down with a boost head and plan the routing of the pipe work have a plenum made up for it albeit it may need a little tweaking but with the space I had, I managed to make it so it has 2 litres internal capacity, hopefully that’s enough to keep the cylinders breathing on boost
  7. Woke up the other morning to seeing this pic of my Harris and it's given me the boot up the arse to get back on with it again. Recently I've grafted the K4 swinger onto it and modified a B12 shock with srad750 linkages and it seems to be tying the rear all together so that's her rolling. The airbox is the next headache namely due to the fact I can't get any sort of filter onto the throttle bodies, been doing a lot of research into carbing the 14 unit but as I'm not good with wires and ecu it's a no goer, decided the best and easiest way forward is to fit a blower, I've designed my plenum and waiting to convert it from cardboard into metal, I have thought a bit about twin turbos and would love to go down that road but not sure I have enough knowledge to be going that route without blowing shit up
  8. I was thinking of going for a K series muddy as they look like there's a lot less plastic on them and the lines would tie in a bit better with the tank and seat unit, that R one is just to round and 90's looking
  9. Apologies Guys im still alive and been steady away at it Blubber haha Trying to buy a house so that keeps strangling the finances so it's not getting huge amounts of cash injections recently but it's defiantly not being forgotten about Fitted a set of anodised black TLR forks Brembo brake and clutch master cylinders Renthal Drag bars Repositioned the clocks to tie the ET headlight in better Busa wheel and wavey discs Fitted a TLR mudguard but I'm gonna have to rework it as it looks far 90's
  10. Cheers bud, il give them a shout the morn see if they can help
  11. The loon and I are spending a bit of time restoring one so he can get on the road next year struggling to get tank stickers for it though, anyone know of anywhere that does them ? picture is of when we got it, frames at the powder coaters and rebuild starts this week
  12. Dam she's coming together well man I have a set of polished cam covers off a 750 in a cupboard if yer needing
  13. sourced a K4 swinger this morning to see if I could make it work that way Also bought a set of anodised black tlr forks whilst I was in a buying mood earlier
  14. Been looking at the rear shock this evening, I know the swinger is from a gsxr wp but the shock has lost it soul a long time ago wp shock is 312mm eye to eye i have a K4 Gsxr thou shock but it's 332mm eye to eye and fouls the bottom linkage which is a wp anybody done anything similar and made it work ?
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