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  1. cregnybaa

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  2. cregnybaa

    my quest to become a winged hammer

    What happened to the hindle pipe?.
  3. cregnybaa

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  4. cregnybaa

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  5. cregnybaa

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  6. cregnybaa

    1127 top speed

    Michael Dunlop's mega expensive oil cooled XR69 goes through the Sulby speed trap at 171 ish mph and that bike would want for nothing.
  7. cregnybaa

    Crank case assembly

    If you put it into 1st gear it helps to hold the two outer selector forks in place you can then fiddle the middle one in with a long thin screwdriver.
  8. cregnybaa

    Affordable oversize valves and titanium retainers

    Just one question are these components made in china ?.
  9. cregnybaa

    1986 gsxr 1100 factory yoshimura race bike

    AMA superbikes were reduced to 750cc from 1983 onwards.
  10. cregnybaa

    1986 gsxr 1100 factory yoshimura race bike

    Did the Americans actually have the 1100 in 1986??.
  11. cregnybaa

    Push pull throlttle, what are you using

    DR 600 has a pull/push throttle.
  12. cregnybaa

    Gsxr750F swing arm. Good Idea for track work?

    I don't know what most of the others run today, but I have got one 1100 with elongated chain adjusters and it does turn quicker with no side effects and I have used the short swingarm in the 750 with no problems.
  13. cregnybaa

    Gsxr750F swing arm. Good Idea for track work?

    Didn't say you was, what I was trying to point out was most of those bikes were the ones with short swingarms and they had very good results. this is on the most demanding circuit in the world on both man and machinery and being ridden by some of the best riders of the time and believe me you don't win races on the IOM with a substandard bike.. I have had oil cooled gsxr's from when they were first released and raced them continually to this day and have to say that there is such a load of negative shit printed about them it makes you laugh, they were pritty much the first jap bike that you could buy to go racing with that you didn't have to go looking for a aftermarket frame. back to your swingarm why don't you just elongate the adjusters in the swingarm to move the wheel forward.
  14. cregnybaa

    Gsxr750F swing arm. Good Idea for track work?

    Short swing arm never bothered these below
  15. cregnybaa

    Looking for a smaller battery for the build?

    I have used a standard sv 650 battery I think its a ytx12abs for the last four years this battery starts the bike just as normal will do the 4 laps of the classic TT and will still start the bike at the end of the race, all running total loss.