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  1. Looks great but I’d have to ditch the seat unit suited the last owners build but this is abit more modern style imo just my two pence worth other wise nice looking bike now well done that man
  2. I do know his son worked for him be great if he’s carrying it on
  3. Wow I didn’t know have had died! his was a great guy sad news! I do know that the spondon name WAS available to invest/buy in I wonder if they have bought it be good if they have
  4. Has anyone converted from say Dyna coils to seperate coil stick per cylinder got any data results or proved improvements they can share im having high rpm coil failure with my dyna 3hm minis thinking of changing set up on slingy as I think there could be something to be gained at the top end with a stronger ignition set up on my application always fell at the top end we’re missing just that bit more
  5. We went from 130 mains to 137.5 I think it wants 140 maybe 142.5 to just sit under 12afr balanced carbs and ajusted needles made a big difference though really sweet at normal riding TPS points
  6. I’ve got all the bits to build a motor same as my slingy but I’ve also got a b12 complete motor and some pistons and barrels ready as well as obviously the engine in the et hhhmmmm options…….
  7. Have you got gen 1 or gen 2 rods mate?
  8. I know some have pushed stock blandit rods further just wasn’t sure about say what now!? 1127 rods?
  9. Hypothetically speaking if say my draw through were to fall on to my et obviously I would have to change the barrels and pistons wich I have but on stock say what now!? rods what we talking limits 10psi 225hp? Or a little more and limit RPM?
  10. That one I mentioned Clive….
  11. I do agree you would have to use an n board compressor maybe for road use maybe? I just really struggled with the electric one I had I was pretty dangerous how it worked but it was designed for cars we tested it loads using a leak down tester and it would regulate pressure every time we would then dyno test it and the bike would try spool to the moon! One thing we wondered after removing it for safety was if it wasn’t seeing correct manifold pressure (it took a reading to its box of electrickery) there for not able to do it’s job I don’t know it was two years ago to remember but we did come up with a theory that made sense I do still have it and it’s instructions
  12. I just run a fixed 22psi crack off pressure spring no nonsense tried electrical boost controller not to be trusted erratic as fuck I think if I tried again I do same as pro street and just put air on top of gate via a solinoid and small air tank just add desired psi of boost required that’s what I did to run 400hp
  13. Interesting Jonny we also played with the kill time on the quick shifter and it confirmed your theory on the gear selector we tried 50 and 60ms @ 60ms it is at its smoothest however perfect below 3500 and above 5000 but between that very abrupt almost like at that rpm the way the box selection is done just doesn’t suit a shifter my own bike is very much the same I couldn’t set it bye gear or rpm sadly so it’s fixed but 60ms was sweet
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