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  1. Don’t know Clive I bought these with my eyes not the stats in mind I love split rims on a spondon
  2. Another nice little picture off Steve today
  3. Little job tonight paint stripper on old lacquer nice and bare clean tank now
  4. Very cool bike didn’t realise it was on here til now it was in daves before mine I believe RK do a 530 slim chain specially for close chain runs found this out recently by accident looking for something else at work ..
  5. Be worth it love the split rims on any spondon suit the frames so well IMO
  6. Nice little picture off Steve today he’s started my wheel centres
  7. Payment sent to Steve Taylor today to start wheels take about 8 weeks to make gona send bike down as he’s making new spindles front and rear and new rear caliper hanger for my brembo caliper as well as all spacer etc so it will be a roller
  8. I’ve decided to dry build the bike I was initially going to strip it down have the frame polishing done the start from scratch but I’ve decided to do it the long way but that will give me a better bike in the long run. ive booked it in with Steve Taylor to have some wheels made so sadly after a wait to to get it back home it will be going on holiday again for a month or so in the next few weeks but then that’s all the big jobs done if I can have a rolling bike for winter il be happy this is a 2 year project
  9. Thanks Clive I’m struggling to get any work done just keep staring at it
  10. So this will be my starting point
  11. Spondon is home pictures to follow tomorrow
  12. It’s stuck at FBM ..... worse places for it to be stuck
  13. These landed today WSB mono blocks yum!
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