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  1. Not been logged on for a wile Clive nice surprise to see the colour change much better IMO
  2. Little job done spondon for whatever reason always used white nylons for the bar ends so I Had some re made I’m trying to keep it period to what they did
  3. Got a nice imberger carbon mudgaurd today thought the flat shapes went with the tank and squareness of the RGV seat it will be painted though it’s the 90s baby carbon wasn’t a thing then also had a nice domino throttle arrive I’ve ordered there switch gear to should be here tomorrow
  4. Thanks mate early stages yet seat will look better after final trim but seat line follows frame rail nice got a head cooler and oil cooler to mount a new rims a 6 inches in rear so will fill swingarm nice to give it that aggressive 90s look gona have a few months burst on it then probably put it back in a corner in spring
  5. Cleaned the rest of the bits off for Steve to work with
  6. So after what seems like forever I’ve dug the old girl out due to flu pandemic me and Steve agreed the bike could sit in a corner til this shit passed well....... it hasn’t so we’ve made plans for the bike to go to him to have the rims/hubs finished and fitted early February so I’ve had to make it a roller wich in turn rekindled some enthusiasm so before I knew it I’d started chopping at the seat I’ve also booked it in with my resident fab man to make a new Sub-subframe and battery box to support the RGV seat. The final seat cuts haven’t been made yet I’m waiting til the seat unit is solid an
  7. Actually thinking on it I can here mine a fair bit when riding it hard
  8. I hear mine massively between the chicane and the bottom of the mountain at Cadwell and again into hall bends but im at high rpm in 2nd other that that no not really
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