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  1. Sandman

    Head skim

    The best way is to "dry build" the engine first without head gasket and measure the squish heigth, valve to piston clearance. Than do the math and go for 12:1 dynamic CR and account for the compressed gasket thickness.
  2. Is the cut time the same for all gears?
  3. I am building two bikes with Ignitech ignition now. Could you give some advice regarding wiring the quickshifter and brand of quickshifter? I have buildt several modern race bikes using HM quickshifter. I also have a R1 -17 race bike with Quickshifter and blipper.
  4. I'm pretty sure some of the heavy duty springs sold by some US manufacturers give way too high a valve spring pressure for street and circuit use. This leads to loss of power and reduced service life. A cheaper alternative could be to use springs from GSXR 750 88/89 or GSX750F? I know that these springs have almost the same stiffness as the Yoshimura spring kit. However, I am unsure which retainers should be used to achieve proper retainer-to-seal clearance for high lift cams? Is it possible that I can find a solution to this problem within a few months?
  5. I think Micron serpent was a gimmick? If the benefits were as great as Micron claimed, then all exhaust systems today would have been produced in the same way? But I am no expert at all :-)
  6. I am building two engines this winter. One 1340-engine with bigger valves, Yoshimura ST2 with spring/retainer kit. The other engine is 1216. I am interested in testing different cams specs in the 1216 engine.
  7. I have buildt a lot of H ONDA CBR1000RR race engines using KENT cams. They are really good. What kind of grind no. have tried for the GSXR 1100? SUZ1 or SUZ7?
  8. By using stock valve springs and retainers you may run into retainer-to-seal clearance problems with 10 mm cam lift?
  9. The old st3 is now ST2 and old st2 is now ST1. Both are still available.
  10. Static CR of 13.5:1 does not tell me much. But the dynamic CR depends on specs of camshafts. Some of the US-made valve springs are way to stiff. Therefore the cams does not last for long time. Yoshimura ST2 and valve spring kit is still available and are made for racing and are useable for the street.
  11. If the bracing contributes to any stiffnes, it is no point to add the weigth of the bracing :-) The design of the Metmachex is better, but it is possible to improve the stiffness without adding a lot of weigth. Take a look at the design of the swing arm on a GSXR 750 RR/RK. The design is much better with respect to torsional/bending stiffness and weigth.
  12. Do the math and descover that your homemade swing arm is not considerable stiffer than the stock one.
  13. Interesting. What is the effective offset with this sprocket?
  14. Here is a picture of a Moto2 KALEX chassis for 2020-season.
  15. The design of swing arms for K1/K2 is far from optimal. SRAD swing arm is stiffer, but much heavier. K6 is more up to date. Look at a swing arm for a KALEX chassis in MOTO2. It is a piece of art. The picture of the braced swing arm shown above for the slabside is made by an amateur. Take a course in advanced structural engineering and FE analyis and you will understand what I try to tell.
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