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  1. Totaly agree, the main drawback with Mikuni RS is the heavy return springs. Go for Keihin FCR carbs.
  2. So you do not realize that you transfer more weight to the front by raising the bike at the back with a longer rear shock? :-)
  3. The length of the rear shock of the GSXR 1100 1990 is 312 mm. The length of hayabusa rear shock is 330 mm. The bike is going to be heavy at the front with the hayabusa rear shock.
  4. It is the cheapest and best option. Go for coil-in-cap also.
  5. på med? I do not understand the reason why some persons put on these way to wide tires. Is it for show of, or to show others that they have no idea what they are doing?
  6. Short stroke had 36 mm CV. It is easy to Dremel out the 36mm boots to take the 38mm or 40mm carbs.
  7. Sandman

    Head skim

    The best way is to "dry build" the engine first without head gasket and measure the squish heigth, valve to piston clearance. Than do the math and go for 12:1 dynamic CR and account for the compressed gasket thickness.
  8. Is the cut time the same for all gears?
  9. I am building two bikes with Ignitech ignition now. Could you give some advice regarding wiring the quickshifter and brand of quickshifter? I have buildt several modern race bikes using HM quickshifter. I also have a R1 -17 race bike with Quickshifter and blipper.
  10. I'm pretty sure some of the heavy duty springs sold by some US manufacturers give way too high a valve spring pressure for street and circuit use. This leads to loss of power and reduced service life. A cheaper alternative could be to use springs from GSXR 750 88/89 or GSX750F? I know that these springs have almost the same stiffness as the Yoshimura spring kit. However, I am unsure which retainers should be used to achieve proper retainer-to-seal clearance for high lift cams? Is it possible that I can find a solution to this problem within a few months?
  11. I think Micron serpent was a gimmick? If the benefits were as great as Micron claimed, then all exhaust systems today would have been produced in the same way? But I am no expert at all :-)
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