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  1. But K1/K1 and R1 swing arm have a box that gives the stiffness to the structure. The bracing on the swing arm in the picture only supported by a flimsy alloy sheet, almost without any stiffness.
  2. It want make the swing arm any stiffer, even if you have 750 hp.
  3. This type of bracing may look cool, but contributes almost nothing to torsional stiffness or flexural stiffness of the swingarm. It only contributes to increased weight.
  4. A custom shock will not solve the problem. You must sort out the link ratio. Than you can use a rear shock from a gsxr 1000 K5/K6 or GSXR 600 K6-K9.
  5. Remember that the damping forces are also influenced by the link ratio, not only the spring rate. Therefore it is important to get the link ratio correct to get the rear end to work in a safe manner :-)
  6. This bolt on, but check 1) piston to cylinder clearance 2) Piston to head clearance and 3) valve to piston clearance. The effective cylinder heigth for all 1052 ccm, 1127 ccm and 1157 ccm are same. 1052 ccm got 58 mm stroke and rod length 117.4 mm (C-C). 1127 ccm and 1157 ccm got 59 mm stroke and rod length 117.0 mm (C-C)
  7. Compared to a full buildt race engine, this option is cheap.
  8. I would go for a GSXR 750 88/89 frame with a GSXR 750 95 swingarm. GSXR 1000/600 K5 or newer forks, brakes and front wheel. GSXR 600 rear wheel (5.5 inch). Ohlins or KTech rear shock (GSXR 1000 K5/K6 or GSXR 600/750 K6-K9). 1246 pistons in a bandit engine with Kent cams (grind no. SUZ7) and ported head. Cheap power.
  9. Øhlins SU805 is for TL1000S. https://www.ohlins.com/document/17738/
  10. The clutch operation is not on the same side on the GSXR 750 88/89 as for the 1100 engine, and there is no pushrod on the short stroke engine.
  11. I am working on a similar modification, but with only one bracket. So, please explain.
  12. Why making a bracket on a bracket?
  13. The block heigth is the same for 1052 ccm , 1127 ccm and 1157 ccm. The length of the conrods for the 1052 ccm are 117.4 mm, while the length of the conrods for the 1127 and 1157 ccm are 117 mm.
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