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Welcome to Winged Hammers clairetoo


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Congratulations @clairetoo the latest addition to our all conquering Winged Hammers race team!

Claire got re-bitten by the bug for pro-stock after an old friend, an EFE made a return to the stable. Call it destiny but at around the same time, talk started of a drag race series for Pro Stock and lo, a plan began to develop.

Doing as much work in house as possible, this custom drag bike has developed over the past 12 months from a pile of shiny and a head of ambition into an Old Skool Racer ready to stretch its legs. Now complete, the machine will make its debut at the top notch Dragstalgia event held at Santa Pod Raceway this weekend. The intention is then to run the Straightliners Nostalgia Pro Stock Series for the remainder of the season.

Check out the build thread here to hear the bike fire up in advance of its maiden run.

Welcome to the Winged Hammers @clairetoo. May our mighty winged hammer bring you sticky tracks and clear days in your championship challenge.



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Thanks for the welcome - really looking forward to scaring the bejezus out of myself down the strip , and hoping it all comes flooding back.....after all , its only been 24 years since I last rode a pro stock bike........

And , before I crawl off to bed and try to sleep , heres a shot of it going into the van......



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I was privileged to watch Claire working to get this machine set up for a new rider this weekend. Turning up for the glory (it's all in the timing!), the bike ran a PB on Sunday of 9.11 but the numbers are amazing. There's definitely more to come! Check out that 60' time! 

First photo as taken by Ian Blackett photography, in flight shot by Mark Skinner. 


c2 3.jpg

c2 4.jpg

c2 1.jpg

c2 2.jpg

c2 5.jpg

c2 6.jpg

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been a bit slack on up-dating this thread - but it finally started to come together at Dragstalgia 2019......

I got back to riding it after finally getting over a bit of a heart op , and it took quite a few goes to get my `racing head' back on . The bike now has a bigger (1428) motor , a much better head (bigger valves and re-positioned inlets)

It stomped staright into the 8's in qualifying with an astounding 8.800 @ 147 , equaling my personal best on a small wheel stocker from 1988..... Then all through eliminations , every opponent was eith a no-show , or broke just after the burnout - so no practice at cutting a good light , but it did continue to improve , getting down to 8.74 in the semi-final .

The final was proper old-shool - I was up against Len Paget (who I had raced a lot back in the late 80's and early 90's) Oh boy was I looking forward to that !

The win was not to be - Lens experience and quicker bike had me beat - but I did get the satisfaction of running a new personal best of 8.700 @ 149.7 - and leaving me wanting more.......





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well.....after a cracking race day yesterday , despite losing in the final to very rapid and consistent Kevin Melling (well done Kev and team for some outstanding 8.5 second runs !) the news is in , the points have been added up - and I finally have a number 1 plate for the race bike - thankyou to all that made this year more than a bit memorable - Alan Ward and Harry Barlow for some top crew work , Tyne Blight for getting the whole Nostalgia Pro Stock Bike off the ground , and all the competitors for just being there and helping make this all possible , as well as the race organizers for putting up with us

Oh and anyone else who I didnt mention , thanks for helping out when possible !



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  • 1 year later...

its been a while.....a lot of racing has happened since I was last here , but every time I tried to visit this site my computer said no.....

Dragstalgia 2019 was just the start - from there , I got my `race head' on , and have been number 1 or 2 qualifier at every race - and win or runner up - resulting in 2 old school stockers championships , and a good chance of making it 3 this year .

This year has been amazing , with taking number 1 qually , low ET and high MPH , and win - at every race I have done , new PB of 8.44 and best speed of 155mph !

Super consistent as well - Retro show was 4 runs on the Sunday as saturday was a washout , all within 4 hundredths of a second - 8.44 to 8.48 , 60 ft down to 1.20 , 5.30 in the 1/8th - all from a motor that the head has only been off  once to check , and found the pistons were `just' touching the head ! extra 10thou of base gasket , along with another 10thou off the head sorted that , although it did have a healthy appetite for gearbox's , now cured with a horribly expensive billet 5 speed auto box 

And finally - a new (to me....) race van , big enough to take the road going EFE on a recent trip to the Isle of Man , and a built-in proper bed !

Might have to find some more power for next year if I want to keep this up - and oh boy do I !




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More to add......took a trip up to Melbourne Raceway at the weekend , to see what I could do on an un-prepped track - and there was some sideways wiggly fun to be sure .

Managed to find a reasonable setup , and ran down to a 5.9 best , with a couple of 6.0's - then won the old school stockers eliminations , so more trophies to dust (y)

Thanks have to go to Bow Trowel for helping with crew duties - next time out is Santa Pod for the last race of the year in October - better dig out them thermals and my umbrella !



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