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Hi my first time posting so sorry in advance if I’m in the wrong area? I have a gs850 trike that is in need of forks and I’m really struggling as to what will fit and what won’t? Any info would be extremely helpful thanks in advance 

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Thanks for the reply . Had a look but a bit baffled still as the chart is all gsxr and mines a gs850 1979? I know they are 37 mm but that’s as far as it goes? It says on another site that that the bigger gs 1000 fit and also the Yamaha xj900 f too so trying to source some of those but that’s not easy either lol the joys of the hunt.

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Welcome! Re your forks. Depends what you want to do/spend! The OEM forks were a spindly affair at the best of times. Seeing as it’s a trike, how about looking for something far more ‘meatier’? I’d be looking at RWU forks initially, that compare with your length. USD’s will be a bit more expensive, and for the length you need, a bit thinner on the ground. Go for a complete front end. A bearing change at best, at worst, a stem change. Still no biggie! Don’t bin your yokes just yet!

And, iirc, I gave @wraitha set of GS1000 fork legs, and lower yoke a while ago. If you ask him nicely, he might part with them!:banana:

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