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GS 650 gt starter motor


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Good evening ladies and gents. As above, will any other starter motors from other air/oil cooled engines fit and work with my GS650gt. I ask as I know the 650 is a bit of an oddball in the shaftie family. The carbon blocks in the stator have broken in bits; I would appreciate any help as I wish to have the engine running to sell on.

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Just checking, but is everyone talking about the same thing here?

There aren't any carbon blocks in the stator/field coils (windings). So do you mean the brushes (touch the commutator with a single wire attached)? Or what it sounds like to me, the magnets stuck to the inside of the starter case?

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Ah, yeah they do break up and sometimes come unstuck from the outside. They're not available as a separate part unfortunately, but the good news is they're the same motor on the 650, 550 and 450. So you can search for any of those and even if the motor you get is iffy or unknown the outer case with the magnets stuck to the inside will swap straight over.

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