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The Adventures of 'S&G Racing'

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Well a while back i got a bit of peer pressure from Pete Field to get my race license and come and play.

So a RWYB day on my Ducati (only thing that ran at the time) had me hooked and so S&G Racing was born ...or in full 'Shits & Giggles' Racing....

The next big UK lockdown happened then and naturally I got bored, so bought a drag bike while i finished off my projects...


fast forward to the first event of 2021 and that weekend can be summed up by 1 photo...


issue after issue meant i pushed it further than i rode it...the clutch plates had stuck from not being in use and had to bump it free with the help of Dodge.

This drained the last of the battery as the bike has no alternator. So i managed 1 run on the Saturday, and as i am not used to a long wheelbase or 300hp turbo bikes...i wheelspan...alot...

Day 2 saw me get 2 good runs in before my scavenge pump died and my weekend ended...

So not great!

Skip to event 2...much better!

With the van loaded up with Pyro and the wheelie bike and bed...cramped summed it up


Other than going through 2 batteries as still no alternator (have now sourced one to fit after this weekends racing) the weekend went great

bearing in mind Melbourne is a no prep track so grip isnt great I have worked my way down to 7.02 in the 1/8th which I am hoping to get into the 6s this weekend coming.

Rob Briers helped on his nitrous 1500cc Bandit who ran side by side with me all day so i could watch how he launched etc


Now some action shots





Not sure my k3 wheelie bike qualifies so I will leave my wheelie photo out of this thread for now.

Future plans for Pyro include, flat bars as i cant use clipons, a bigger seat as im lanky and this was built for 5ft7 rider, a screen, alternator and electric air compressor so i dont have to manually pump up my air shift every race!

I will continue to keep updating this thread with progress and with events on my other 2 bikes when they are done (Harris Magnum and turbo slabby)





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  • 2 weeks later...

Well the last event had its ups and downs again...

I won my class on my Gsxr1000 and held the lead on the Saturday on Pyro but Sunday saw me run into boost issues and i blew the plenum clean off the bike after sheering the rod that hold it on!

This week saw a new boost gauge arrive so I can see what my boost is doing as the current one doesnt work.

Also got the alternator to fit...was missing the O ring but turns out a Skoda oil seal is the exact same size and i had one lying around!

Picture time!




and here's a bonus photo...myself and Rob posing :D



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