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xfam in Japan sell a range of great quality offset front sprockets for about 60% of the cost in the UK (at least they used to). I have one on my EFE engine and I think someone here later did a bulk buy for mainly gsxr sprockets.


The page that listed alll the race sprockets is no more but I remember I filled in the contact form and asked if they did offset sprockets and got one by faxing a credit card number. The sprocket was <30 quid including postage from Japan but that was a few years back though.



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I know what you mean, £60 for a front sprocket is a lot.

Depends on how much you need to space it out (not the drugs way before anybody gets all high and mighty xD) back to the plot, if it's go to 6mm or so you can always use a spacer behind the standard sprocket, any more then that and you will be coming off the shaft splines.

Or/and you could remove some meat off the rear sprocket carrier.


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