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  1. 1 hour ago, Joseph said:

    No worries. Valid inputs anyway

    The parts fiche doesn't show them, but maybe using a metal washer on top of the fiber/seal washer could help even distribution and squish it nicely ?

    One thing that rubs me the wrong way is having spent all that time money and energy on rebuilding a bike as clean as this to be pissed around and not being able to use it potentially because of 2p worth of washers xD

    like I said Joseph, Ive had good results with Dowty seals :tu

  2. 1 hour ago, Rijko said:

    You are right Tony, so here goes.

    first, i try to follow if you don't have something positive to contribute - don't.

    I broke that, and said several things i should not have, in a way i should not have.
    I am sorry about that, and apologize for that.
    I was tired and went too far, something rubbed me the wrong way.

    Ofcourse, things like petrol resistant kits ARE made to help with petrol leaks.
    Applied properly, it's a good thing.

    My keyboard warriorism is something i never do, uncharacteristic for me.
    I am sorry for that, it really is the first time i trolled a thread like that.
    Sorry to OP also.

    And you guys went easier on me for that than i deserve ... thanks.
    For the first time my contributions lead to a thread i'd rather see deleted because of them.

    not a problem mate,  I was a bit out of order as well, but as some will know I lost one of my best mates last week, and ive just got over covid and to top it off ive got fecking toothache and not much sleep !!!!!!!!   all forgotten :tu

    sorry to Joseph as well, hope you sort your leak. 

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  3. 53 minutes ago, coombehouse said:

    Regardless of what the other guy says, when you buy a new pingle fuel tap, it comes with hylomar & instructions to liberally coat the bolt threads to seal them. It's also standard practice in aerospace to use sealant on bolts when they go into an integral fuel tank.

    Anyway when I had a similar problem on my bike, I replaced the washers with new copper ones & coated the bolts heavily with hylomar. No more seepage. 

    You do know he'll put you on the nauty list !!!! 

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  4. I often put a bit of sealant on the fuel tap screws along with new washers, even though I know the washers will do their job theirs nowt wrong  with a bit of extra piece of mind knowing theirs less of a chance of a leak, especially when it comes to petrol.  

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Rijko said:

    does not immediately place you in my list of proper mechanics giving sound advice

    I don't care what list you place me in !!!!!!  putting a bit of sealant on any thread thats holding a gas or liquid isn't a bad thing. if it improves the chances of stopping a leak then all good, especially petrol over a hot engine.  

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  6. 17 minutes ago, Rijko said:

    No, he said "looks like".

    Leaves all options open ...

    to me that him saying he can see the fuel leaking from them !!!!  but if you wan't to split hairs 9_9 

  7. 2 hours ago, Joseph said:

    Yeah the thing is i forgot them first time round (years since i took this bike to bits)

    So putting them on after the first spilling i though it would be fixed.

    But nope 


    I have a tube of grey 3bond sealant, ive used that on some threads and it worked. :tu 

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  8. 25 minutes ago, baldrick said:

    unfortunately i need the car to get around.  :|  my knees are v fuct and even on bike i cant go as far as id want to tbh...

    And if you think bike parts are expensive, headlight for this thing is near £1200 quid from bmw..luckily i found a 2nd hander for 300, but car parts are shockingly expensive. 

    yeah I here you, I need a car and mine needs work but just can't be arsed :$ but my old MG ZT is pretty cheap for parts luckily :D 

  9. 40 minutes ago, Duckndive said:

    Yeap used the 6mm ball bearing trick many times :tu 

    I wonder why they dropped the ball bearing thing ? probably about cost O.o

  10. 9 minutes ago, Duckndive said:

    Given all the probs folk seem to have with the Hydraulic Operation :/

    I'm thankful I've always used cable operation on oil boilers :)

    I prefer a cable over fluid, will convert my zed project bike to cable at some point. 

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  11. 4 minutes ago, DaveV65 said:

    I didn't think the question would generate such a response but the education is most welcomed. :)

    its always good to know, when i get a bike i do all the research i can find. knowledge is power :D   

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  12. 2 hours ago, Isleoman said:

    I believe you can see the welds on the crank when the clutch cover is removed, but I'll let someone else confirm that statement.  

    the black 83 engine i put in my ET you could see the welds on one of the crank webs with the clutch cover off. 

  13. Its funny how most people call's them an ET no matter what year they are. 9_9  I tried to find a pic of the last model with the round clocks and headlight but coudn't find one !!!!  i do have a pic or 2 but they are on my other (broken) laptop :/

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  14. 1 hour ago, DaveV65 said:

    Many years back I had a 1983 GSX1100 ET or was it an EX? I have seen a number of posts saying there wasn't much difference between the two models, was it just a revised name for the later years or are there specific differences?

    the 80 (et) and 81 (ex) where the same bike but im sure the last one they did in 82 had different clocks and a round headlight with the same bodywork. also in 82 they changed the look of the bodywork with the EZ. 

    in this history the 3rd model with the round headlight and clocks isn't shown !!!!!!!  

    Suzuki GSX1100E model history (suzukicycles.org)

  15. 13 minutes ago, oldscool said:

    Thanks Gixet1460 for having my back. That post wasn't an answer to a 7 year old question! A lot of GSXr riders were asking about that wire not just from this site, so I figured I would check it out and post my findings, every time I write something one of you guys have some kind of smart ass remark. Aren't we supposed to be helping each other out? Stick to what this should be about and use it properly. Keep your comments to yourself unless it's helpful! 

    somebody touched a nerve their !!!!!  "everytime you write something theirs a smart ass remark"  youve only got 2 posts 9_9  time to chill out its just a bit of banter. 

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