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  1. Ivan

    Rubber softener

    Lamp oil also softens but makes it also bigger
  2. Thnx for your reply So the set multiple sites are offering for a gsx1100f is not the right one unfortunately https://www.Eblag.nl/itm/SUZUKI-GSX1100F-GV72C-Kit-de-reparation-carburateur-KEYSTER-KS-0647NR-/372725336663 Someone knows if there is only such a minimal repair kit for these carbs, like this: Reason why: have to get my carbs cleaned ultrasonic and thought new parts won't harm So not a must or so but love to make them in best condition able.
  3. Can someone explain cause I dont umderstand. Carburateur repair kit very complete to my opinion for gsx1100f but description says For original Mikuni BST 38 carburetor, made by Keyster. I thought 1100f standard has 34 mm tin tops, are repairsets inchangable for 34 and 38mm? Two sites both mention carb repair set voor 1100f/38 mm. https://www.cmc-parts.be/japanese-brands/suzuki/repair-kit-carburetor/ks0647nr-gsx1100f-gv72c-1988-1994 https://www.motorradbay.de/_neu__gsx1100f__neu__br_bj___88-_94-ks-0647nr-keyster_vergaser_saetze-suzuki-p-6168-5.html?language=en&sessID=33ba2763a21b750116554778ef62b718
  4. Aah damn, now I see... not available, sorry
  5. And the other side https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gsxr1100-1991-m-usa-e03_model16074/plate-front-fender-right_5158017d10/
  6. https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gsxr1100-1991-m-usa-e03_model16074/plate-front-fender-left_5159017d10/
  7. Ivan

    Swirl's Harris

    I have road5 on my gsx6/11f and experience them less soft and less sportive than the bt016pro on my gsx750f and gsx1100f.
  8. Whats that cool bracket for?
  9. First type gsx750f also calliper on top.
  10. Gsx-f sumps also have them on front
  11. It was not an option for me. Could not bend it myself so got another exhaust stainless steel
  12. On my 750f... not my cup of tea...
  13. Tank combination blue/white?
  14. I quess it could be second type gsx f
  15. I was wrong, firsr type has another connection with hoses
  16. True but those braking discs are way to modern
  17. Ivan

    Oil cooler

    With universal oilcoolers the oil lines are most expensive also if you ll buy them at torques or so
  18. Ivan


    I got those 4 pot nissins with 17 inch wheels in original fork
  19. Ivan

    Identify header

    Thanx for replies very much! I checked pictures with google and they look almost identical. Most important it fits, even with original sump, does not hang extreme low and looks really good.
  20. Who knows what type of header/exhaust this is? Not magnetic so I quess stainless steel. Said to be 750 slabby? Perfect fit for my gsx750f with plenty of room with original sump. Just curious
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