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  1. Looks ace, you just need the weather now !
  2. Fitted the hagon springs today and went for a good run, lot better with no bottoming out, sorted
  3. After chatting to Hagon, longer spacers arnt really the way to go, as it won't really make the spring rate change, keep the standard (75mm) and go for high rate spring....
  4. Thought YSS were supposed to be decent?
  5. Had a chat at the guys at Hagon today, and ordered a pair of progressive springs, initially .9nm going to 1.10 at full compression, 10w oil and 130mm air gap so see how I get on....
  6. No idea, its just a guess at 30mm...
  7. Got a set of gsxr1100k forks in my 750 Kat and think I need to get stronger set of springs for the bikes weight, any recommendations for spring rate?
  8. If its 600 euro's, got to be worth a punt....
  9. Thanks guys, rung Talon and they make em for Debben so ordered one from them, £59 delivered
  10. Just been looking at there site, gonna give them a bell, how much was the sprocket?
  11. Apart from grumpys 5/8 sprocket @ £60. Is there a cheaper sprocket off another model that are the same offset? 750 S2 kat
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