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  1. I live in the town Alta 200kms south of the North Cape, maybe we can motorcycle in beginning of May!
  2. Here you go! https://www.webike.no/products/21981606.html
  3. Ordred from WeBike Japan, not cheap, but not much more than a proper paint job I guess.
  4. Bought myself this to complete colour change! Now I have a New Silver painted fairing as spare!
  5. It is back in original box from 1984
  6. Hi! I have bought myself a very rare NEW 1984 Katana 1100SE gas tank! Now I have to paint my spare cowling in the same Suzuki colour Candy Gypsy Red, Suzuki 00J. Anyone by chance now the equivalent colour-code in modern paint-systems, at my work we use PPG paint on repairing cars and trucks.
  7. Hi! The "plastic affair" you have pictured is the one I mean... I want to change cylinder and key to #259 to match my seat lock.
  8. Hi! Anyone know how to remote ignition lock cylinder (tumbler) on a Kat1100. I want to rebuild to the same locknbr as on seat lock.
  9. Gsxr1100 1993 wheel and caliper. Welded on lug.
  10. If I manage to hunt down an ignition lock with key #259 I will have a lock with key #425 on hand!
  11. Thanks, fully restored 2 years ago with new plastics and a NOS fuel tank from 1982. My 5th Katana, this one will probably be the one to keep as an investment! Re. locks, I have tried to check with a locksmith, but he told me these locks are so delicate he wouldnt recommend doing anything. My seat lock was brand new 2 years ago and if I could get hold of an ignition lock with the same number 259, it would help a lot. I can live with an extra key for the tank and helmet holder. Anyone...259.... Check your spares )
  12. Hi! I have 4 separate keys on my Kat today, does anyone have a matching set of locks to sell?
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