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  1. Hi as above anyone used a 750 cdi on a gsx 1100 if so any problems ?
  2. I bought a complete headlight & cowl off Eblag a few weeks ago for £25 + £25 postage from france , i put in loads of Saved searches in & eventually it came up as buy it now , & some searches i put in for Europe only
  3. Been a few years since I’ve had a aircooled suzuki , i’m after a set of downpipes , what ones will fit , I should imagine gs 1000 might ? Thanks in advance
  4. zed

    Lucky Swine

    Good that the original owner has seen his old bike back on the road after all these years
  5. I was wondering if there were any other headlights that fitted , looks the dogs danglies
  6. Any progress on the clocks as i was thinking of doing the same?
  7. Looks good, i do miss mine
  8. Seems a lot of time & effort for a small gain , but if you do it fair play
  9. here's one i made years ago on my katana that I shouldn't of sold so I'm building another lol the other one I didn't make but will probably modify it & set it in a bit closer to the engine as the turbo is just poked inside at the moment
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