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  1. Are there strange diffences in Katana 750 and 1100 frames? Especially the room for the engine, tubing size and thickness... stability? Differences in subframe does not matter. THX!!
  2. Yes, would not go single TB as well for street. My new drag bike has a single one with 80mm id. Throttle response does not matter there. It has big plenum as well.
  3. 145Nm @3000rpm unbelievable How much boost?
  4. I also use 24-2 trigger. In my drag bike I still use 24-1 without problems. Reved it until 12000 rpm. I agree with Arttu. But I had never problems at high rpm. I my case the starting procedure is shit when baterie is low and the crank turns slow and irregular. Starting is better with less teeth. I also see no sence in making trigger with more than 24 teeth. Advance remains absolutly stabil at acceleration and dropping rev. I´m still unsure about the size/length of the teeth. The last trigger I made are the teeth 1/3 of the gap. Similar to the one of mikeyd.
  5. Yes, the roots chargers are closed, so no chance to get away with the pressure whithout rated breaking point when backfiring. Turbo chargers are open, but you also have a pressure peak. And its enough to bend the butterflys.
  6. I would not do something unless one of the wheels touches the housing. But then it does not mean automaticaly that the bearing has to much clearence
  7. "a bit of play" is normal to a turbo charger
  8. How much boost for 260hp? Which cams? Witch TD04L?
  9. Yes, there is a lot of stress to the material. My drag bike plenum has 2mm wall thickness without problems so far. Reached 2+ bar boost a few time. But want go back to 3mm anyway on the new bike. It will have only one throttle flap. So plenum gets the whole pressure if there is a backfire.
  10. But look at the quality of the weld. The weld was not gone through the material. It was only on the edge.
  11. For street app I prefer mild cams with mild lobecenter for early power. No need for high end power. That means for me B12 or B6 cams
  12. If you have a torquy engine with mild cams it creates power at low rpm when the Lock Up does not turn fast enough to "lock up". If you dont want build a boost compensated Lock Up (witch is easier to build imo), then it´s better to rise the base pressure.
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