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  1. Before you blank off the oil cooler ports on the 1100W sump you will see a restrictor inside one port. Remove the restrictor with an allen key. Now blank off the ports, and it will work like a 750W sump.
  2. I have crack tested a LOT of pistons for a LOT of race teams over the years. I have only come across one speedway sprintcar engine (methanol V8) with ceramic coated pistons. Most of the pistons revealed flaking of the coating! I have 2 pistons from 2002 championship winning Ferrari F1 engines - no coating. IMO if you are melting pistons you have a tuning problem, or are using nitro!
  3. Busa pistons have dished crowns.
  4. A rare missed shift loses a drag race, and you are back on the trailer. Better to go safe, and not miss shifts! It also depends on when your cut time is initiated. For a straight cut on shift signal, 70ms is about right. On closed loop systems with pre-cut delay you can get away with 15ms. On top of that some ratios will always require more cut time because of internal dog configuration. On early Zuke and Zeds this was always the 4-5 shift.
  5. Running it in a circuit race car. Compression is 11.1:1, running 98 octane pump fuel. Had to put extra cooling on because of the extra power (220 bhp), but no problems with cooling, even on hot summer days here in Oz. It is more reliable than my 79.5mm bore stroker!
  6. Very rare. I have one of the 1298cc SBM blocks drilled for full watercooling . . . 83mm pistons! Allows for a lot of valve area.
  7. I would have ditched the stock system and installed a Dyna 2000 ignition and coils. Problem solved!
  8. There is on my Australia plate 1100WS. Maybe it is a country specific requirement?
  9. Should be a noise compliance plate affixed to the chassis or exhaust.
  10. Start by counting gear teeth to calculate the gear ratios. Use google to find out what those ratios match to. There is a big difference between 750W and SRAD.
  11. My bad. I actually made a 6 spring conversion for my 1100W engines a while ago before I went to a lockup. The 1052 is a 4 spring, I bought new parts from Suzuki, as follows: 1 Clutch inner hub 21410-06B02 1 off GSXR1100 G,H & J 2 Pressure disc 21462-06B00 1 off GSXR1100 G,H & J 3 Coil springs 4 off - Barnett HD 4 Spring spacers 09180-06174 4 off GSXR1100 G,H & J 5 Washers 09160-06020 4 off GSXR1100 G,H & J 6 Bolts 01107-06307 4 off GSXR1100 G,H & J
  12. Yes. It is also a common modification to use 6 spring plate on an 1100W, except you need to make a 10mm spacer for under the hub nut to allow for the longer 1100W shaft. You may need a longer pushrod, or add an 11mm bearing as a spacer.
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