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  1. I don't think they were ment to be taken off. You can only buy complete units
  2. I have to change the illumination lights on my 1993 gsx1100f. Anybody know wattage and socket. I think they could be 3,4w T10, but not sure. Should be in oilcooled....
  3. Hacri

    newbie says hello

    Welcome to OSS.
  4. Hacri

    Gsx1100f 100 hp

    Thanks, that's good to hear
  5. My dougther go to university in Groningen , next semester in Amsterdam...a few visits maybe
  6. Hacri

    Gsx1100f 100 hp

    Anyone who knows what was done to the 135 hp engine to get it to 100 hp euro spec? Difficult to convert back to 135 hp? Thanks
  7. Here in Norway a good one is £3-4000. EF is from £1500 in ok condition. I have a my84 EF, two my83 750es and a my80 750ex
  8. Damage on last pic
  9. Hi. Going to look at a 1994 gsx1100f on friday, anything special to look out for? It has been in a slow speed tumble, just a indicator broken and some scratches on fering. £1800, but will try to get it cheaper.
  10. Mine was also hard, but adjusting got it better, and with motion pro clutch cable it was like butter.
  11. I have to of these and love the bikes. Easy to work on. Hope you find your fault, so you can go biking.
  12. You got the polarety on the battery right? Seems like an electric mystery, and welome.
  13. The carb are balanced, i run a stock air filter. Will check for airleaks with starter fluid. Thanks guys.
  14. They are brand new.
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