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Two of the three ladies in my life ...... my daughter and my srad (carbed so i think it just about qualifies) nice too see the best Suzuki site in the world is still with us, just wanted to say hi to everyone its been awhile since i've visited oldskool as i thought the site had gone under....so happy its still here. If the bike is just about eligible i might do a project thread but we'll see what the mods say.........nice to be back.    



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2 hours ago, captain chaos said:

hi and welcome back.

Your post is ok here. Start a project thread in the projects section about the build.

And yes the old site was dead. Then it resurrected temporarily. And then last summer it rised from the dead stronger than ever before.

Thanks for the welcome Cap, nice to see so many of the names from the early days are still rockin it oldskool,still some gorgeous machinery floating about.......feels like home.

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