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Swap a 91-93 gsx1100g engine into a 1982 GS1100GL


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Hey everyone,


I have a 1982 GS1100GL. I’ve been trying to see if anyone has ever swapped the gsx1100g engine into the 82 shaft frame. From similar builds it seems like it might but want to know if it’s direct or if there are certain adjustments that need to be made to the frame for it to fit. If I left out crucial information let me know.


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Like all things, it all depends on how much work you can/want to do? 

The gsx engine will go into the GS frame BUT you will need to move the engine right back to get the shaft somewhere near, which would mean making extended down pipes or you go the other way and extend the shaft. The gsx swingarm won't fit easily and I think the end of the shaft that bolts to the engine is a different size so you'd need to swap them over. 

Also if you put the engine as far back as possible you may have issues with fuel tap and air filters.

All can be done but all depends on what/how far you want to go.

And welcome to OSS 

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10 hours ago, TheSlainhart said:

It’s just leaking oil and the valve seals are old so it spews oily smoke until the engine warms up. Just a tired old engine.

Sounds like I’m better off just rebuilding it, just wanted to know if there was an “easy” swap. 

Not unless you go for a chain drive swap 

Get yourself a cheep b12 or gsxr1100 and you all the bits to put on. :D

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8 hours ago, TheSlainhart said:

What would that look like?

Get engine into frame, swap out rear wheel, uhhhh any critical pieces I'm missing to that puzzle? It wouldn't be that simple would it?

Engine, is the same as the gsx g you'd need to make engine mount brackets. 

Front end, if you use bandit 12 stuff it's a stem swap and like all front ends lock stops. If you use gsxr straight swap. 

Rear end, now matter what you use you will need top hats and decide if you want to keep it twin shock or single. 

That's very basically it but have a look through the project section to get some ideas.

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