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Hi all,

My boosted gsx1100f lost compression on one clyinder while being dyno'ed (made near 180bhp before it let go) 

knowing id need pistons at least doing a bit of research I found and bought a set of used (and listed as GOOD) gen 1 busa pistons. 

A year passed, I stripped the engine down and found the issue the piston broke down between the rings. Ive taken my barrels out to 80mm and dropped off at reborers with said pistons, whos told me one piston has a bent skirt and the rest are not really worth fitting, they can but each will be a different bore size.

Im taking the plunge and buying some NEW pistons, is there any difference between the 1100 GSXR and GSX-F engines as im finding it difficult to find a set for F engine.








image0 - Copy.jpeg

60857882071__8DCA6CB8-CAA7-4509-AB8E-C9F434DE0DBB - Copy.JPG

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those look like stock cast pistons..... not recomended for boosted application.... forged is the way to go . what comp ratio did you achieve ?  boost presure ? ignition timing ? fueling ? ......detonation will destroy any piston so you will need to make sure your engine build is done properly .

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None of the above is really relevant... Those pistons aren’t being used again.

I’ll do my best for you no class if you are just curious as to what a bone stoke 1100f 

compression would of been  standard 10:1  

boost pressure was low I can’t remember off the top of my head.

ignition timing can’t remember

fueling carbs was setup on the dyno 

Ill give Suzuki performance spares a ring and ask what they recommend will fit, Clive so you are saying bandit pistons will fit?  

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