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  1. Fair enough, I’ll stop being nosey. All them solenoids had me intrigued
  2. Ha I was just about to update this.. I can’t help you with your problems, accept check check valve clearances, plugs, compression, any air leaks Right I’ve gone and adjusted all valve clearances, 0.2 exhaust and 0.15 inlet. Started up, and I THINK it’s cured!! I think my vision got narrowed in on them carbs, because of the parts I found missing but you live and learn! I can highly recommend the SMC24 from squealy made the job a doddle!
  3. Just went through this build, incredible work! so much bespoke cnc can you put me out of my misery and tell me what this is please
  4. As far as I can make out they are kosher.. apart from these brass parts from Eblag!! checking the valve clearances and the inlet are pretty nipped up I can’t get a .1 under but can get a .05 feeler under...
  5. That’s interesting, it was a keyster kit I had.
  6. Nope, when you roll the throttle on it’ll spit between 3-4K get to 5k then the revs will die back to 3k then rev out! Speaking to the selling he’s refunded most of my money for the kit. I’m going to have to take it to someone with more experience, but it’s so annoying having an issue you can’t repair no matter how many times I’ve taken those carbs on and off checked double checked etc...
  7. Thats lean right? @MeanBean49 @Gixer1460
  8. I didn't think it would because moving the needle didn't make a difference but I will replace them. When you say link pipe you are referring to the exhaust right?
  9. I’m clutching at straws because I took it the next needle clip down anyway. Someone take a look at this photo of the needle assembly, theres a washer between the slide and needle bushy bit. I don’t have those washers... I know someone’s been at these carbs before as originally one carb had that top hat bit that applies spring pressure onto the needle missing! if someone has a set of bst36ss handy to do a quick measurement on how thick that washer is I really would appreciate it.
  10. It’s not even rideable chap, it was problematic before but rideable used to surge when coming on the power, bit of research pointed to the emulsion tubes. These have all been changed along with everything else in the kit. Ill try and upload a video later Ron. there’s a few threads already started on carb issues, none of them have came back and confirmed if they fixed/solved it though... I promise I will come back and tell everyone
  11. It’s hard to see in a picture but when you have them in your hand you can see that the taper is deformed, almost like the metal is too soft or the taper has been cut right. I’m not sure what seat into I assume it’s just a hole?
  12. Seeking help and a warning NOT to buy pattern parts! I have a very poorly 1200 bandit S that will not run right It runs like it has an air leak somewhere but I'm unable to find it. I bought a complete kit from Eblag to overhaul the carbs, fitted everything and the bike ran worse than before. It would be popping and spitting between 3-4k which I believe is when it crosses over from pilot to main jet. I've stripped them down again and this is what the pilot screws looked like after fitting!! These all was installed with the greatest of care, I've removed them and reinstalled
  13. I don’t know if I’m getting my wires crossed. I’m looking a DJ kits and it doesn’t look like it includes emulsions tubes. I know these are for a 600 just checking I’m on the same page
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