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GSXR750 J jap market restricted?


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Having just bought a project 750 j from this weekends Stafford show, (Dutch import to be registered). I have been informed that the chassis number shows this to be a Jap home market bike.

I have also read on a few forums that this might be restricted to 77 hp. Anybody got any info on what restrictors might be fitted.

Not ridden the bike yet, was hoping to re-live a bit of my youth that included 750 j and l models.

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A lot of Jap market Suzuki's are restricted in 4th and 5th gear rev range. The CDI gets a resistance value from the gear sensor and starts lowering the rev limiter in 4 and 5 to stop you breaking the Japanese speed limit. (1st, 2nd and 3rd full rev limit) I was working on a Jap market bandit 750 last year. From what I remember, there was a pink wire from the gear sensor going to the CDI. I had to solder in 1.5k ohm resistor on the pink wire just before the CDI. It tricks the CDI in to thinking its in 3rd gear (1.5k ohm value) so that you have the full rev range. ;)

As said there are a few other ways of restriction, think another one was something to do with a wire inside the clocks i.i.r.c.

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My JDM 750L was restricted by the CDI (different part number to UK). A previous owner had fitted one of those plug and play derestriction boxes however didn't realise it had much smaller mains as standard too.

I treated it to a UK CDI, a dyno run and some more appropriate mains, sorted. The J may be similar.

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Hmm, possibly not the 'easy project' I thought, but they never are I guess. Just waiting for the carburettor refurb parts  to arrive then I'll give it a run,

I don't mind a few mods but if it has different heads /cams pistons etc then  it a different game.The pink wire to the cdi reminds me of my 400 import gixer.

Does anyone still do a rear solo seat converter for this model?

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A mate in Holland had a JDM spec 750J, above 80 km/h (50 MPH) a red light "speed" came on. And it didn't go any faster than 180 km/h.

The speed light is activated by a switch inside the speedo, easy to undo that one.

I believe that one is triggered by an optical sensor in the speedo.

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Well having been through the carb and some expense , New slides, guides, needles, jets and seals.

I am now thinking the ECU may be faulty, engine starts but wont rev cleanly without misfire then dies just before coming back  to  tickover.

Any idea's or recommended sources for ecu testing / exchanges.


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