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  1. http://gszone.biz/trans.html
  2. The engine has probably been stood and used for a while. As everyone wlse said light hone and off you go!
  3. If you can't find one rhen I will scan copy for you.
  4. Is it stuck in the engine plate?
  5. Not a great fan of the beam one but no doubt its probably a better bike.
  6. Same pump flowing oil around the same system so no real difference . The only difference is that you effectively have the oil cooler with bigger oilway than what the engine has. Once the oil re-enters the engine oil way systems the pressure and flow will be the same as without the cooler because the same pump will flow the same amount of oil so pressure isn't really affected within the motor. Someone might argue about losses in the system due to friction etc (basic fluid dynamics) but in reality the GSX engine is more about flow rates than pressure.
  7. Steve Burn's Black 'n' Blue
  8. Yes that one. I just found a few photos at Earl's Court of when it was the British Ferries paint job. Will post later.
  9. Anyone know what happened to the Sealink "GEESSEX" bike after it went that horrid yellow, red & blue?
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