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  1. Yeah saw the ones in Japan stupid price and yes only looking for the twin shock ones did expect to find more than just two
  2. That great arm will fit both my bikes and there are two on a site we don't mention lol thank you for all the info
  3. micktodd

    exhaust question

    Here goes im building two bikes 1, 1977 gs 750 with gsx750 engine 2 1989 gsx750es with a gsxr750 slabby engine Any suggestion on what headers will fit any advice welcome cheers mick
  4. Thank you johnr just the pivot size and length thinking using one on my gs
  5. As title anyone know the sizes please cheers mick
  6. micktodd

    GS carbs?

    Look different to mine they was on a gs750
  7. micktodd

    GSX750(ES) swingarm options for 6" wheel

    Easy fit as well think only needed to take 2mm of each side of my gs frame even found some alloy spacers for inside the swingarm that was on my gs750
  8. micktodd

    Gsx750es engine bolt

    The buggers out cheers for help
  9. micktodd

    Gsx750es engine bolt

    Thank you will have a go tomorrow
  10. micktodd

    Gsx750es engine bolt

    no its stuck in the engine part mount plate moves
  11. micktodd

    Gsx750es engine bolt

    As title say bloody thing is stuck solid best suggestions to get it out using wd 40 tried turning with a socket and breakers bar any help would be great
  12. micktodd

    Replacement for the shaftie

    Just gotta get the engine in the right place front mounts for ease or rear mount would be more work but looks better any opinions ?