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  1. Cheers, all sorted, couldn't see the wood for the trees
  2. DOH, what a tit, cheers Captain.
  3. As title says, the motor is only running on cylinders 3&4. Carbs have been ultrasonically cleaned and stage 3 Dyno jet kit fitted. Good sparks on 1&2 and fuel in float bowls . I swapped the slides diaphragms no difference and checked the vacuum hoses seal. Other than that motor sounds sweet. Any ideas? Cheers
  4. Cheers, good to hear. I've bought a master cylinder repair kit, so should sort it.
  5. Thanks, yeah the slave cylinder has a new seal, so all good there. Good to know that the master cylinder is up to the job. I moved the cover over 5mm to clear offset sprocket and made up a new rod 5mm longer so free and clean. Looking like it's ok then. Probably get it all running, need to sort carbs out first and see if it frees up. Cheers .
  6. Having problems getting the clutch on my project working. It's a mk 2 bandit 12 and I'm using a kwak zzr 1400 radial master cylinder. It's marked as 3/4. Is this big enough as I get very little movement on the clutch actuation pin less than 10mm. Been bleeding it with no bubbles, pushed the cylinder back and it doesn't seem to get any better just enough to turn the wheel whilst it's in gear with clutch pulled in but with a lot of drag. Engine been stood for quite a while so could the plates be sticking causing the drag? Getting pretty fed up just pumping fluid through.
  7. Cheers fellas, good starting point.
  8. On my Red Herring project I'm running a Standard mk2 Bandit 12 motor and carbs. I'm using the standard carb intake rubbers with twin Ramair foam sock filters and a after market openish exhaust system. What carb settings are a good starting point, jet sizes etc. Or is it better to get a stage 3 Dynojet kit? Thoughts please, cheers.
  9. Nigkat


    Do the 750 slabbies have the same spline pattern for the front sprocket as later slingshots and bandits. Cheers
  10. Thanks, something for me to work with. I'll see how I get on
  11. Fitting a mk2 bandit 12 engine and wiring loom to my Red herring project. I'm using a motogadget m-lock keyless ignition switch, so understand I need to Fit a resistor, 100 ohm ? into the loom between the CDI unit and the ignition switch. Can you shed some light on where to put it. Want to remove the side stand switch to and I think I need a diode? What size should I use? Electrics definitely not my strong point. Cheers
  12. Nigkat

    1216 Rev limit

    What size resistor is needed?
  13. Excellent thanks. I'll see if it will fit.
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