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  1. Mines on an efe I thought they did one to fit other gsx 1100 best check with SPS sorry for the confusion
  2. Dezza's right about the clutch springs, std ones more than man enough, someone in the past might have put hd springs in to cover up for worn clutch plates, it's the cheapest thing to try first
  3. I found this made the most difference https://www.suzukiperformancespares.co.uk/product/ape-suzuki-forward-clutch-cable-kit/650/ straighter and shorter cable run made s lot of difference. I tried the hydraulic thing but the effort was the same & it either dragged or slipped as the travel was not enough
  4. You need to redo the compression test with a warm engine and the throttle wide open or you'll get a false reading, valves clearance won't affect tickover revs but might affect comp test, it in the carbs some where , slide wear, or emulsion tube, or needle wear ? Good luck
  5. You need to use a 17 or 18 tooth front sprocket so it's the same diameter as the old sprocket that way it'll clear the cases and won't risk sawing through the swingarm, then change the rear to match the original gear poss about 48t
  6. Cheers sound familiar
  7. Does anyone know the thread size for an EFE 1100 oil temp sender as I don't have thread gauges cheers
  8. Sounds like it needs a bigger main jet in the carbs, you need to know what size is in there now it might never had been jetted for the exhaust or might need bigger now as more free flowing. Is it running std airbox & filter?
  9. dago

    1100 k fork seals

    Just looking for an easy way as have no garage, have to do it on the road don't won't to leave it on blocks too long
  10. Am I right in thinking that I could just undo the damper bolt at the bottom and remove the seal clips I could just pull the lower leg off to change the seals without all the faf of dismantling the lot, usually run a seal mate cleaning thing round but not worked this time cheers
  11. Have you checked the starter button? Might be shorting make the solenoid click on & off , then change the solenoid as these are easiest and cheapest things to try gisrt
  12. Both the 17 & 18 cleared the swingarm. It was 118 links long but that's on the Harris
  13. You need more teeth on the front sprocket to stop it eating into the swing arm, and more teeth on the back to keep the ratio , I'm running 18/48 on my EFE engined Harris so can't help with the link count you can go 17 on the front but I found the revs a bit high when motorway cruising
  14. Check for air leaks on the rubbers
  15. dago

    vm29 parts

    Try these http://www.allensperformance.co.uk might be best to ring them
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