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  1. I ha e done, but a long time ago ill have another look now
  2. Cheers I’ll have to give them a bell and see what the script is it’s only a spare frame, I’ve robbed what I wanted off it so it can either get sold as is or I’ll get it registered and sell it with a propa plate not sure what to do yet they should also be a swaps section in this forum coz I’d be more than happy to swap it for some other items I’m after for my other slabbie
  3. I’ve been told they could be import tax to pay I haven’t rang dvla yet, just thought I’d ask first
  4. Right chaps I’m after advise ibe got an 86 slabside 750 frame, but it’s on jersey plates, I’ve got the jersey log book the problem is how do I transfer it over to a normal reg & log book? cheers
  5. Good call didn’t think of that
  6. I’d possibly keep them if they were the right width, but the are far too wide for my liking and the spacers that someone had put in the front wheel are made of shite, so think I’ll be flogging them, not sure on worth, I’d rather do a swap for a std slingy rwu front spindle and spacers and a slabbie rear swing arm and spacers And slabbie engine mounts I’m also missing
  7. Think I’m gunna sell the billets they ain’t my thing
  8. I also need rear wheel spacers (std) I've just swapped out the billet front end with a slingy front end and that is also missing it’s spindle amd spacers!! why is nothing easy
  9. It’s mingin someone has drilled right through one side And bolted a rigid rear brake arm bracket it’s a total pig
  10. Some idiot braced it then they have cut it off, it’s looks a right mess
  11. Deep joy, I’ll have to put a wanted ad out for one, inc wheel spindle and spacers cheers for that
  12. My swing arm is knackered so was looking at some others that might be cheaper guess I’ll stay std, but I’m gunna need a fresh arm if anyone has one kicking about
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