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  1. That looks like a ty to the right of your slabbie
  2. Looks like I’ve got the shorter swinger what are the pros and cons? cheers on another note does anyone know what length torque arm I need? As I’m after one cheers
  3. Yea will do I didn’t want to do a build thread because it was only a question, and I didn’t think I would get as many responses on a build thread cheers I’ll set one up now
  4. I’m on with building a 750 slabbie rat with 1127 lump cam some one help me with the locations of the loom cdi location and what not imnwanting to put the battery amd cdi under the tank but I’m not sure how if some one has a few pics that would help out no end also the location on the coils, I know theirs fixing points near the head stock are but how do the actually sit? this build is from frame up so all is new to me cheers
  5. Well let’s hope it didn’t need them doing, because I’ve never done valve clearances before
  6. Cheers Sam im finally getting round to it
  7. Engine is in now but I took the sump off to squeeze it in and now I have the problem of not being able to get my fucking rocker cover on!! looks like I’ll ha e to remove all the engine mounts as you’ve said and get the rocker on!!! Ffs!! What a bastard!!!
  8. Sorry to sound stupid but how do I tell if it’s an l/m frame?
  9. I’m sure this is easy for lots of people but just a quick on, will the bandit 12 lump go go in the frame without issues? do I have to take off the sump or rocker?? cheers
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