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  1. Not worth it ! ill just pressure wash and pressure dry. Cheers
  2. Flatslides 38, i heard they had a mesh filter behind the float needle ? Need to clean those but the float pin wont budge on any of the 4 ! Whats up with that ? How do you replace float needles anyways if the bowls dont come off
  3. Ok so i sent Earls an email last week and still no response. I just wanted to know if the 19 row cooler they offer will fit my bike with fairings on. Has anyone got an idea ?
  4. Yea i figured if it clears the headers it wont clear the wheel, hoping the 19 row cooler wont need much wrenching and benching but will be difinetly easier than bottom mounted one for sure.
  5. Ok so this is the plan, im gonna get a 19 row main cooler to replace the stock one, still dont know between curved or straight. I really hope it fits without interfering with the fairings, then in case it needs more cooling ill add a 6 row one at the very bottom. In terms of fitment, curved or straight ? An6 or 8
  6. Dup, do you know if other 1000s models have also the same fittings or is it just a k5 thing
  7. Isnt that designed for water cooling ?
  8. Any mods to the seat ? How efficient is it really in that spot ? Wouldnt a front mounted one be better ?
  9. Carbs are brand new btw
  10. Well the whole build is 'used' the dot head obviously used cranks used valves used, bottom end used, pistons everything.. i broke it in a bit before kicking the shit out of it to be honest, ran hard for a good 15 minutes, high rpm low gear, might be foolish of me but considering all parts were already married before. I did change all seals and gaskets as ine should, fresh oil and thats about it. Carbs are rs38 stock main jets and stock everything except for 50mm velocity stacks with no filter as for the time being cz i need to see the accelerator pump nozzle and dial accordingly. I tried to give an ear for detonation by riding on 5th at low speed all i could hear was the crackling of the slides. Can anyone point me to a good cooler that WORKS and FITS with my fairings ? I will do a spark plug check later and post pics hoepfully no indication of knock will appear, or at least if knock is occuring i would like to be able to see to confirm
  11. 98 octane fuel, head was 0.4mm skimmed so i guess it isnt much, definitely interested in a head cooler or a bigger main cooler, im planning on keeping the stock fairings, any big main coolers you reccommend ? Also where would you fit the head cooler.
  12. Infrared thermo read 107°C 5 minutes after killing the switch, temp taken at side of the engine at cyl n1
  13. Bike is all done finally, very happy today. Went for a test ride, 70kms or so, for those who dont know, it has a do t head, skimmed a bit as well, full port, no guides in the runners cams degreed 105°/105° full exhaust, mikuni flatslides 38, had to cut and weld the tanks for clearance. Everything is so damn tight on this bike now, pingel lever barely opens to 3/4 but thats more than enough. Anyways i felt alot of heat today while riding. Rode hard, the whole ride took about 30 minutes, when i stopped at a light i felt insane heat. I know its due to the higher compression. What can i do to bring the heat down? Any bigger coolers ? Cooler fans ? What do you gjys do to fix the heat issue. Im afraid if i dont address the issue the engine wont live long. Cheers
  14. HWB

    1/2 throttle ?

    Im getting DOMINO, already have domino grips so.. cheers
  15. HWB

    1/2 throttle ?

    Any other ideas lol
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