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  1. Well hot damn. A smaller finer screwdriver from the other side and they popped out slick as snot. Thanks to all. As a side note, if you recall this module is supposed to have the rubber retaining boot clip in the side of the battery box. It is tight down there and makes removal of the battery box tough. I am going to relocate it to the top of the air box. There seems to be lots of room and tucks in nicely. I will make a couple tabs to grab the rubber boot and hold it still.
  2. Great. Thanks guys. I will give it one more shot today as it is above freezing and sunny at the moment. I think I will get those connectors on the way here anyway. Thanks Mate.
  3. Morning all. I ran into a problem with my 89 GSXR 1100. I had a crank with no fire state and found a broken wire on the smaller of the two plugs for the ignition module. Two of the other three wires broke while I removed the plug. The insulation is very hard and cracked. I need to remove the terminals and re do the connections. Does anyone know how to get the terminals out of this connector? I have tried with a pin from both ends and with a small flat screw driver. Also tried grabbing with needle nose pliers and pulling. No luck. Any help would be appreciated. If I c
  4. Yeah. Much quieter. You hear the valve train but it sounds smooth and mechanical, not loose and rattled like before. I will check the spring length, I didn’t know there was a spec. I think I may actually have another spring. I have a bunch of stuff unidentified that came with the bike. I am pretty sure I saw a spring like that in there.
  5. I pulled the valve cover and the chain was pretty slack. I could move it quite a bit (1/4”) between the cams and the idler. I popped out the 19mm bolt and sure enough I got one click easily. Chain is now snug but not tight. Thanks Brother, worked like a charm!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I will give that a shot. The guy I purchased from has the same bike in black, once the wether breaks we will get them side by side.
  7. I had a set of Hindle down pipes on my 1100K but there were clearance issues with the bottom of the oil cooler. They did clear the down pipes well. The work around for the oil cooler was to extend the lower bracket by 1/2 an inch and top them out a bit.
  8. 6Sigma does jet kits based on engine, carb, intake type, exhaust model, and altitude. You could inquire with them what they would suggest. I bought one of their kits for my 40mm BSTs and it was an easy swap. They include the base settings and specific instructions.
  9. Good morning all. I am working on re-assembling an '89 GSXR 1100 I purchased in boxes last fall. I had to swap everything over to a new frame and now have it running. I am new to the oil cooled engine. It seems to rattle more than I expected. Same sound and pitch as another 1100 I have heard running but a little louder. I am wondering if the cam chain tensioner may be weak. Section 3-33 of the manual covers testing the part but gives very little information otherwise. Any input on this would be helpful. I hope for good weather this weekend to pull it and inspect but wanted any tips to
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