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  1. Just saying that I find it easier to bench shim heads after they have been overhauled ( unless they are screw and locknut adjusters ) be it car or bike heads I'm doing at the time. Apologies to the OP if this is going off topic.
  2. A few tenth's of a thou distortion when the heads on the Subaru flat 4 are pulled down can upset the valve clearances especially when using oversized14mm head studs for high boost applications on them.
  3. I bench shim the heads for the engines I build at work and set them to the top end of the tolerances so when the heads are torqued down on the crankcases, the clearances normally end up cock on in the middle of the spec.
  4. Considering it's 4 inches over on the swing arm, it still looks well proportioned - cracking bike
  5. Loving the Dymag's - pure filth How much has the swingarm been extended by ?
  6. Picked up a set of valve stem seals and a base gasket from Robinson's 2 weeks ago for future use - normally check their website every couple of weeks to see whats been discounted.
  7. Stag Wellseal is great stuff to hold gaskets/O rings in place when snaking cam covers back on.
  8. Cheers Jaydee, will resist the temptation until each coat is dry
  9. Jaydee, the satin finish looks spot on in your picture- I picked some up from Halfrauds on Sunday
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions - always good to get real reviews instead of the manufacturers blurb. Will see what I can pick up tomorrow and get cracking.
  11. Any recommendations for a semi gloss black enamel paint which actually works and lasts - a lot of the decent older paints seems to have gone all eco friendly and dont last.
  12. In progress ( very slow progress I might add )
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