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  1. gsxr884

    884 value

    Is it an 884 or has it had a 750 barrel and pistons put on which is very common .
  2. gsxr884

    884 value

    I would go £400 for it, I have a home for it
  3. gsxr884

    Looking for a smaller battery for the build?

    I can get Aliant from B&C and do them cheaper than they do so long as its a UK post code , I also do JMT
  4. gsxr884

    Looking for a smaller battery for the build?

    I do a charger that has modes on it for doing 6 or 12v lead acid, gel Li ion for £40 plus post , RRP is £45
  5. gsxr884

    Bandit 1200 front brake discs.

    What sort of budget have you got and Wavy or normal Cheers
  6. gsxr884

    Got myself an ET......nearly

    Glad to help Simon , just a quick fiddle today as time was a bit short , I am sure it can still be improved but just the feel on my drive was a LOT better than when you arrived, the setup was awful , I am not surprised it was trying to put into a low level orbit . She does sound well with that drag pipe but I know for sure that would have me in a ditch .
  7. gsxr884

    GSXR1100 frame model year/ year

    89 - 92 frame numbers all start GV73A-B so it may be a call to Suzuki UK to find out at what frame number they changed from l to M or look in a Haynes manual they normally have that info GSX-R1100 GV73A-B
  8. gsxr884

    Rgv VJ21

    Thanks Simon, if its worth doing its worth doing correctly, whoever rebuilt them last time needs a guide dog, that crease and bulge at where they had been bent(typical bottom yoke crease) was easy to spot just by running a hand up the stantion , on a plus side they had put all new bushes in so that saved you a few quid but you wouldn't believe the amount of crud that came out of the bottom of the old stantions when I removed the shuttles , obviously never been cleaned , they must have only just been done the oil was still very clean.Looking fwd to seeing the old girl sometime soon
  9. gsxr884

    gsx1100e 81´ front brake upgrade

    And Braided Hoses and DECENT PADS
  10. gsxr884

    Rgv VJ21

    Simons suspenders in bits for inspection . Fork stanchions have been bent and badly straightened at some time, Shock shaft bush is well tired . That's at a glance , will get a proper look at in the near future .
  11. gsxr884

    1052 barrels and pistons on 750k

    1052 gudgeon pins are too large for the rods 750 has 19mm 1052 has 20mm , I would not want to risk reaming the rods , I doubt they would hold out for long . I have been looking at doing similar things for a while
  12. gsxr884

    harris magnum 2 gs1000 busa ash

    630 was the order of the day way back when but most 530s now have a higher tensile strength than any 630, other plus points are they are CHEAPER and lighter , depending on whay wheel/cush drive you are using there is probably a 530 rear sprocket to fit front is easy .
  13. gsxr884

    Brake hose

    Thanks Guys, All braided hoses manufactured from Hel parts to Hel specs using Hel approved equipment and process . Hel factory trained, Dash 3 brake and clutch hoses made to your specs so any length and any fittings on the ends, all hose has a pvc cover available in 12 colours or clear , banjos in black, gold blue red green purple or stainless steel machine polished, I am under discussion regarding having banjos and bolts polished to SHOW standard.
  14. gsxr884

    What's the best handling slingshot gsxr frame?

    you can make any frame handle , its down to how much you brace it and set up the angles, rake, trail ,swingarm angle ,are the most important ones but then you get into swingarm spindle height, rocker arm ratio, yoke offset , the wheels suspension , the difference made to my RK when I fitted ZX10R forks , yokes,wheel ,brakes and amatching 5.5" ZX6R rear wheel was like night and day compared to the SRAD stuff I had in before, turns in super late and holds a line with ease.